Adding a Playing Space For Your Children In Your New Custom Home

Published February 20, 2018.
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On the initial phase of planning your new custom home in Calgary, there are many things to consider adding to your home. If you are already a parent, are expecting a baby soon, or you are planning to have kids in the future, adding kid-friendly spaces and playing areas for your kids in your custom home can be an excellent choice. At Sunset Homes, as experienced builders in Calgary, we are here to highlight some creative playing spaces you could set up for your children.

Custom Home Playroom Basics

A beautiful spacious playroom can be built in your basement, attic, or any room in the house. Consider having the playroom in an accessible place where you can see your kids and help them when needed. Try to provide your kids with plenty of natural light. If the best location for your playroom is the basement, a good idea can be adding plenty of light fixtures to make the room as bright as possible.

As your kids’ playroom will be their primary option during cold months when they can’t go to the park every day, consider selecting to clean and durable flooring, such as vinyl or laminate flooring. Check out other flooring options here. You can also use bright and lively colours to create a stimulating, fun play environment. Also, having plenty of storage space can be vital to keeping your kid's playroom organized. Talk to your custom home builder to check all your storage options, such as built-ins that allow you to have a functional and space-efficient playroom.

Playroom Ideas for Your Calgary Infill

One of the best ideas for a play area is creating a multi-purpose space, in which your kids have different areas to play, create, learn, rest, and enhance their imagination A playroom design you could use is one that is nature-inspired. Create a playroom which opens out into your garden, this is a playroom for all seasons as when the weather is beautiful, everyone can head out to play, but can also stay indoors when the weather changes.

Another exciting playroom space is one that is based on art and creativity. We know that chalkboard art has been around for a while – in case you’re not sure, this is when a wall is painted black and chalk is used to write on it. It has been known to induce creativity in children and granted them the power to decorate their rooms as they desire. In fact, there are tons of play space ideas you could set up in your new Calgary custom home, talk your custom home builder to see which of these playroom ideas is most suitable for your Calgary infill home.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

When building your new custom home in Calgary, including a playroom or play area for your kids can be a great addition. Consider creating a multi-purpose room in which they get the opportunity to be playful and creative.

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