Solar Energy for your Calgary Custom Home

Published January 6, 2017.
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Solar Energy for your Custom Home

Solar Energy for your Calgary Custom Home

One of the many features you can add to your Calgary custom home with Sunset Homes, Calgary’s inner-city builder, is to include solar panels or solar shingles to your new home. The most common questions homeowners have regarding solar panels are if they are worth the investment if they can keep adding solar panels in the future and the overall benefit.

Should I Get Solar Panels for my New Custom Home?

Adding solar energy to your Calgary custom home is a great option and an excellent way to add renewable energy to your home. Solar panels are an easy way to save energy, get rebates, and reduce dependence on power companies and contribute to lower energy bills if you have a grid-tied system.

Adding Value to your Calgary Custom Home

This alternative way of generating energy goes beyond saving a little on your electricity bill, as it increases the retail value of your custom home and will allow you to gain back your initial investment. You can learn more about your home value here.

Can I Rough in for Solar Panels and add them in the future?

Roughing in for solar panels is an excellent idea to get your home ready for future solar panels. Roughing in for solar is not a costly option and makes the future install less expensive. You can start with a couple of panels and then add more in the future. If you plan to sell your home in the future, you are opening the possibility of solar energy for future homeowners.

Efficient Custom Homes that Make a Difference

When adding any degree of efficiency to your new custom home, from Energy Star appliances to building your home to be a Built Green Certified custom home or a full Net Zero home, you are making a difference and contributing to the environment.

Learn more ways of making your home efficient in our Efficient Homes playlist on our Youtube Channel or in our Green Building Series of this blog!

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