3 Things your Home Builder and Major Renovator should Include in your Estimate

Published June 5, 2017.
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If you are considering planning a new custom build, or having a major renovation done to your property, one of the most valuable tools that will help you through your process will be an estimate. A reliable and transparent home builder will make your building or renovating project exciting and joyful, and the way the estimate is created can be a reflection of how the home builder works. Even though the price is what the estimate is all about, a good estimate presents detailed information about what is included in your project, the steps it will go through, the materials that need to be selected and their quality, the workforce organization, among other details. At Sunset Homes, Calgary's bespoke home builder, we have prepared a list of important things that should be included in your estimate for a new build or a major renovation.

Scope of work and pricing

Depending on your project’s purpose, your price can be presented to you in a quote, meaning that your work has a final fixed pricing and that no changes will be necessary for the future. The second option your home builder can present to you is an estimate, which will be an approximation to the final cost of your project. Every home builder has a different way to present their estimates, and they might have different kinds. At Sunset Homes we offer three different classes of estimates, and you can learn more about them in our article 3 Steps to Create the Final Budget for your Custom Home in Calgary. Whether your homebuilder presents you with a quote or an estimate, make sure they explain and include as many details about their process as possible.


In every step of the pricing, your home builder should be able to provide you with detailed information about the quality of the materials to be used in your building project. For Sunset Homes, green building is an important part of our process, so we make sure our homes are built with quality materials within the Built Green Program. Once your home builder has a set of plans and drawings for your project, your estimate will reflect a more accurate pricing for the cost of materials.

Process and Timelines

From the beginning, it is important that your home builder explains to you the approximate amount of time your building project will take, as well as, each phase of the building process. Having completion times per phase will help you plan and work on your selections and to be aware of your project's progress. This will also help you prevent cost blowout and plan your project's financing.

Other things to consider

Ask your home builder about the different options of contracts available and to include all deposits and payments details. Make sure everything you want your homebuilder to take care of is included in your quote. For example, you will want your homebuilder to take care of all details regarding permits and architectural design as they play a key part of your building project.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

When inquiring for an estimate or a quote make sure it includes the scope of work for your project, the kind of materials to be used, and to include and explain all the necessary steps and approximate completion times in every step of the building process.

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