5 Important Questions to Ask your Home Builder for your Major Renovation

Published June 8, 2017.
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Major renovations give a new perspective to your property; they help to adapt your home to any lifestyle change that suits your needs, they enhance your home value, and provide you with a more comfortable, happy environment.
Once you have decided that you are ready to embark on your renovation project looking for the best home builder that takes cares of major renovations becomes the next key step. Think about these important questions you can ask a home builder to determine if it is the best match for your renovation project.

Feasibility of your Project

Depending on the kind of renovation or improvement you have in mind, make sure your home builder clarifies that your vision for your project is possible at a structural level. And also take the time to address which adjustments you would need to make to incorporate your home routine. For example, if you are thinking about a kitchen renovation, ask your home builder if you could install a temporary kitchen in another area of your home or if it would be more suitable for the scope of your project planning to move out during the renovations.

Home Builder Experience

Ask as many details about the home builder as possible. For example, how many projects like yours has your home builder done and ask them to provide a portfolio or pictures of these projects. Additionally, ask for references from previous home owners who have done a renovation with the builder and look up online to check out if the homebuilder is registered or part of associations such as the BBB, Built Green Programs, the Canadian Home Builder Association and if it has reviews and online presence.

Team and Process

Your renovation process requires the right team to be timely and meet your needs. Depending on your vision you might need a designer, architect, engineers, a project manager, and, of course, all of the sub-trades. An organized and efficient home builder will provide you with details and guidance about the team that will take care of your project as well as all the steps to be covered and considerations to be made for your project’s timeline and pricing. Additionally, ask your home builder how your property is going to be protected during renovation and ask about the communication process during the renovation period.

Schedule and Budget

A transparent home builder should be able to provide you with clear timelines for every step of the process. It also should present you with a written schedule in the proposed budget. Make sure to inquire about the best times to start your project and if the home builder will accommodate your needs. Another key question regarding the schedule, process, and communication between the builder and homeowner is the changes or adjustments that might need to be done to your budget and timeline and if the home builder has considered such possible changes in the proposed budget.

Paperwork Through the Process

Ask your home builder for guidance regarding permits and city applications. Your home builder will have more experience in such matters and can include taking care of all the paperwork necessary to initiate your project. Also, ask if a deposit and insurance will be included in your quote and that all the terms cover your needs.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Ask your home builder as much as you can about the feasibility of your project or which adjustments would be advisable for your renovation. Ask and confirm your home builder’s experience, check out if they have a team that can cover all the phases of your process and ask for clear timeline and budget.

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