3 Main Reasons Homeowners Decide to do Major Renovations

Published May 31, 2017.
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Main Reasons Homeowners decide to do Major Renovations

Our homeowners usually approach us inquiring about the benefits of doing renovations to their homes. Renovations can go from a small home improvement to major changes to customize your home to your lifestyle and add a fresher look to your property.

The most common renovations homeowners are more interested in are kitchen, bathroom and basement renovations. One of the main reasons our homeowners choose to renovate instead of building a new home, besides budget, would be that they do enjoy the community and area they live in, they have a home they are happy with and envision themselves in the next 5 to 10 years in the same home.

If you are of this mindset and have been thinking about customizing and improving your home to be more comfortable and updated to your lifestyle, consider these three major reasons.

Improve your lifestyle

Your vision and needs for your home can change within the years and as your family grows. Deciding to renovate your home can accommodate your new needs, add more living, and customize your home with well-designed spaces that give you a sense of spaciousness. You can choose to add another storey to your home, remodel your kitchen to create an open concept on your main floor, enhancing your home’s bathrooms, adding that home office or space to entertain your guests indoors or outdoors, there are many options.

Enhance your home value

Although there is a debate whether home renovations increase your home value, if you add living space to your home you are adding square footage and a well-designed renovation may add value to your home. Get the opinion of your preferred builder as well as of a local real estate agent to be sure and determine the value that your home renovation may potentially add to your home, so you are completely sure of this home investment. To improve your home value, you might consider renovating your flooring, fixtures, the kitchen, bathrooms, or adding a new suite.

Be happier, safer, and more comfortable
Deciding to renovate your home, even a minor change, might restore your home’s character and provide you with a new sense of love for your home. Also, when you decide to renovate your home you can make it eco-friendlier. You can add small modifications that are also affordable and can help you save on your utility bills. Finally, remodeling can add increased functionality and beauty to your home.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Renovating your home might be an excellent way to improve your lifestyle and customize your home according to your family’s needs. Also, depending on the scope of the renovation it can add value to your home, and most importantly it will provide a new, more comfortable, space and that will enhance your sense of happiness at home.

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