3 Important Aspects About Doors for Your Custom Home in Calgary

Published April 24, 2017.
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Part of your selection process, when building your custom home, is deciding the kind the doors for your entry, bedrooms, and interiors. Your doors play a part of the aesthetics of your custom home and at the same time contribute to the general impression people will have of your home. There are three important aspects to know and consider when deciding which door would be the best fit for you: the kind of material you should choose, the door style you want to have and the type of door that would be most suitable for each area.

Materials matter

Doors can be made of many materials, but the most common are wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. For the past few decades, wood doors were considered the best pick for entry doors, although nowadays homeowners are turning to fiberglass doors.
The main feature that differentiates fiberglass doors from wood doors is that they are energy efficient. Also, they can look like real wood, provide better insulation than other door options, and they require minimal maintenance. Additionally, these doors also allow you to choose a glass insert and customize your door according to your preferences.

The main advantages of wood doors are that they are easy to repair, they are the classic choice and they give a warm and inviting look. On the downside, wood doors require high maintenance and can be an expensive option. The main advantage of steel doors is that they are resistant, energy efficient, and not too costly, but they are not the best choice regarding insulation, and they can rust.


There are many styles available to choose from, especially for your entry doors. You could choose to have either a single or double door. You could also add sidelights on one or both sides, and a transom or glass panel above your door that can be rectangular or curved. Adding any of these features will give your door a unique appearance.


There are many kinds of doors for interiors or exteriors. However, the most commonly used in a custom infill home are panel doors or windowed doors for the entry, french or sliding doors for your patio and flush doors as they are one of the least expensive options. The sliding doors work nicely for small spaces such as your mudroom and laundry room. Also, for an open concept home glass doors are a nice choice to maintain the spacious look.

Ask your home builder for guidance regarding these three aspects and to help you selecting which would be most suitable for your home vision, size, and design.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Fiberglass doors can be the most durable and energy efficient choice for your home exterior doors, and there are many styles and kinds of doors to make your entry door stand out, as well as to play with your interior decoration.

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