5 Ideas to Make Your Custom Home Greener

Published April 26, 2017.
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Last weekend we celebrated Earth Day as a reminder that we should continue our efforts of preserving our environment. At Sunset Homes, we are a proud member of Built Green Canada and the Canada Green Building Council.  As home builders, we know that these practices offer many benefits to the environment and preserve natural resources, and improve life quality. Additionally, a green home can help you save money and improve your property's value. For these reasons, we have prepared the following five ideas to help you make your custom home greener.

Choose quality materials

Through our blog, we always recommend choosing quality materials as they play a key role in your home's value. Although the general thinking is that green materials costs are higher, in the long run, they are energy efficient, help in saving you money, and provide a more durable home that enhances a healthy lifestyle.

Go for energy efficient windows and design

Ask your home builder and designer to include as much natural light as possible for your home; this will allow you to use your windows to create an impact on your custom home's temperature. Energy efficient windows provide excellent insulation; they will help your home keep warm in the cold weather, and they will keep your house protected and cool during summer. Managing natural light, as well as having the protection energy windows, provide, will help lower your energy bill.

Choose the right insulation

Insulation protects your home from extreme weather as well as from noise. In previous blogs, we have talked before about the benefits of building with ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) and how this material will reduce noise transference and will also protect your home from extreme weather. Also, a little addition such as insulating your home's water pipes will make an enormous difference in reducing heat loss and raising water temperature, and this option is not costly.

Check your home for any leaks

Make sure to replace, repair, seal or caulk any leaks at home. Check for faucet and toilet leaks which are the most common and create incredible amounts of water loss. After proofing your home from any leaks, you will notice the change on your water bill. Another small and accessible tip for saving water is to use water saving shower heads.

Choose energy efficient appliances

Select your new home appliances or replace your old ones with appliances that follow the Energy Star standards as they will use less water and at least 50% less energy than other appliances. Furthermore, energy efficient appliances have a longer lifespan.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

For a greener home and healthier lifestyle, make sure you are aware of the quality of the materials you select for your home, pay attention to insulation, leave your home leak proof and choose energy efficient appliances.

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