5 Items You Want to Have in Your Ideal Master Bathroom

Published April 20, 2017.
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Nowadays, the master bathroom has become an important space of your custom home. If you are creating a wish list of what your custom infill home in Calgary should have, or you are thinking about a master bathroom renovation, we have made a list of some items you would want to include.
A luxurious, spacious and relaxing master bathroom could provide you with the perfect setting to escape from everything and enjoy after a long day. If you envision your ideal master bathroom as a place to pamper yourself, you can play with your design ideas and choose items that will turn your master bathroom into a unique place.

Think about having options

Instead of choosing between a shower or a tub, pick both. Choose to have plenty of space for your master bathroom design, so you can have them both but separated. A free standing tub is one of the best picks, as they contribute to making the room look more spacious.

Add items to your shower

Having a shower can become into a spa-like experience as well. If you pick an open shower, you will create a more spacious environment in your master bathroom. Also, consider adding a steam shower for warming up during winter days and help your body detox. Additionally, you can have a rain shower head to create a warmer and relaxing experience.

Go for double sinks with plenty of storage

The double sink concept is one of the most popular options and provides a sense of space and privacy for couples, and also can help on saving time and avoid taking turns. Add enough storage and divisions in your cabinets for all the items you need to have at hand and organized.

Don’t forget about mirrors and lamps

Make the master bathroom in your custom home stand out in design, making sure of adding beautiful and large mirrors, interesting and luxurious lamps that set your homes' style. Also, consider choosing large windows that provide a pleasant and relaxing view, and that allow natural light into your Master bathroom.

Warm floors can make the difference

To maintain your bath experience as nice as possible, include heated floors and a towel warmer in your wishlist; they will turn out handy on cold winter days.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Include in your wish list having warm floors and towel rack, Combine items for your shower, such as combining a steam and rain shower to keep you warm. Don’t forget the final touches by adding a luxurious mirror.

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