Why Choose an Infill Home Over a New Development?

Published December 10, 2012.
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Why Choose an Infill Home Over a New Development?

Why Choose an Infill Home Over a New Development?

For anyone who is unaware, an infill home generally refers to a home that is built within an area that is already built up, such as the inner city.  Underutilized land is used to create housing and change the face of the landscape.

For Calgary inner-city areas, infill housing helps to renew entire neighbourhoods and bring them back to the status they once had.  For homeowners, choosing an infill home offers several benefits over new development. 

Sense of Community

When you decide to live in an inner-city infill home, your location and the population density enable you to become more involved in the community.  This may include interacting with your neighbours and others in the area, starting up new hobbies or even starting groups and clubs.

There is often a disconnect when you work and spend your days in one area, then leave and live your home life someplace else.  With an inner-city infill home, your community is right there, all the time and you’ll be more likely to make use of it.  You’ll also be able to experience the different cultures and diversity that a downtown area has to offer.


With infill homes, all of the amenities that a downtown area has to offer are close by all the time.  Restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and nightlife are always accessible.  It’s easier to meet up with friends, take your kids shopping or try out a new restaurant.

Being ‘in the vicinity’ and close to the heartbeat of the city just seems to open up a lot of new possibilities.  When you live outside of the inner city area, you miss out on festivals and other events you didn’t even know were happening.

Less Commuting

If you work within the inner city area like so many do, commuting will become a thing of the past.  That may not seem like a big deal at first, but when you consider the impact on your wallet from gas savings, and the environmental impact, it is no small change.  Not to mention, the time you spent commuting each day can now be spent with your kids, with friends or doing something else you like to do.

You Can Get a Feel For the Neighbourhood

Finally, the best part about building a new inner-city home is that you can check out the neighbourhood before you move in. With new development, you won't know who your neighbours will be or how the community's presence will evolve over time. However, a custom-built infill home will bring to you all of the great features of the neighbourhood surrounding it, but with a brand new home instead of the older ones found in most cities. If you like the vibe of a particular neighbourhood, but no homes are for sale or they don't suit your needs, you can build your own on an existing lot.

Sunset Homes can help you throughout the custom infill home building process and work with you to find the perfect neighbourhood for your Calgary infill home.

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