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Types of Roofing Materials to Consider for your Custom Home

The best part of building a custom home is that you can choose everything about your home. Your roof is fundamental to your home’s structure. Your roof will endure intense weather, so you will need a high quality, durable, strong, stylish and affordable roof that can keep out any water and moisture to prevent complications with your home. Your home builder will be there to guide you through the selection process and help you as much as possible. At Sunset Homes, Calgary’s bespoke home builder, we have prepared a list of the most common materials used for your roof; the follow is a list with more details about each.

Asphalt Shingles
They are also called composition shingles. This option is the most used roofing material as it is easy to install, it is the most economical option, and it is fire and wind resistant. There are various kinds of asphalt shingles and their life expectancy can vary between 20 and 50 years. Plus, they come in a variety of colours and designs to match your home design vision.

There are many options that can be included in this roofing category including aluminum, steel, copper, or zinc alloy. This option has a life expectancy of 40 yo 70 years depending on the material, and it can be installed as sheeting or tile. This roofing option is more durable than asphalt, it is wind resistant, and may be made from recyclable materials. But this option does not match as well with all home styles, so this is something you would have to consider.

Clay and Concrete Tile
These are two of the most enduring options for your roof and they also are available in many colours and have a long-life expectancy, both options are heavy. On one hand, clay tiles are fire resistant but resistance to wind is lower, and they can be costly. On the other hand, concrete tile is less expensive than clay tiles. Concrete tiles are also very fire resistant. If your home has a Spanish or Mediterranean style this roofing material will match perfectly. Their main downside for Canadian winters is that clay tiles can crack during extremely cold temperatures.

Wood Shingles and Shakes
This roofing option has been widely used for a long time. They are a very nice look and match with bungalows, historic and contemporary styles. They are less fire resistant, although they can be treated with a fire retardant. They are made from natural materials, are moderate in weight and are not too expensive, but they require a lot of maintenance.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)
Among the most used roofing options are asphalt shingles, metal, clay and concrete tile, wood shingles and shakes. Depending on your home’s style, your budget, and needs, each of these options can be suitable for your home. 

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