Useful Lighting Tips for your Luxury Inner City Home

Published July 30, 2021.
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Tips for lighting your luxury inner-city home. Use LED bulbs, utilize pot lights and fixtures, include lighting options that boost efficiency and functionality and consider our custom lighting design ideas.

When planning your new custom luxury home, or major renovation, lighting is an essential element to discuss with your Calgary custom home builder. Lighting creates a sense of environment and style! The correct lighting allows your home to look spacious and balanced. The use of natural lighting and an efficient lighting plan for your home will allow you to save significantly in energy and contribute to a green and healthy living lifestyle.

Bulbs Make a Difference in Your Luxury Inner City Home

LED bulbs are a great option for your custom home build; they boast longevity, durability and work well both indoors and outdoors. Your Calgary custom home builder will discuss the right colour temperature for each room of your home. Warm tones go well in living rooms and bedrooms, while you may want more natural light in your kitchen or bathroom.

Utilize Pot Lights and Fixtures in Your Custom Home Design

In rooms that are used for multipurpose, it’s important to work with your Calgary custom home builder to create a layout for your lighting. Using multiple light sources creates a visually balanced room. Pot lights are installed directly into the ceiling line making them a hidden lighting option and they bring a lot of light to dark areas in the home. Fixtures can be custom to a homeowner’s tastes and preferences. Using pot lights and fixtures together helps to layer lighting, creating a mood in each room. A kitchen is a place that often requires a combination of pot lights and fixtures. Pot Lights are great for filling large spaces and fixtures look great above the island and sinks. In the living room, you may use pot lights for task lighting above a reading chair, or to illuminate a favourite piece of art on the wall.

Include These 2 Essentials in Your Custom Home Lighting

We recommend including dimmers in your custom home lighting. They are a helpful tool for saving energy and allow you to choose the perfect setting for the occasion and the room. Programmable timers are awesome for interior and exterior lighting; they give you a welcoming entrance when returning to your home in the evening. Lighting options today also offer apps on your smartphone that can do many things. Think dimming, time settings, lighting colour and more, all from the control of your fingertips! Your Calgary custom home builder can assist you with picking the perfect lighting options to make your home more efficient and functional.

Unique Lighting Design Ideas in Your Custom Home

There are many unique lighting options available for a custom home build or major renovation. Some great ideas we’ve encountered are:

  • LED Tape Lights:  Tape lights look amazing in kitchen spaces. Placing them under cabinets creates a well-lit workspace. Under-cabinet lighting illuminates the floor area of your kitchen and creates a glow throughout your kitchen; this is a trending option in custom homes!  You can use LED tape lights in other rooms of the home as well. Used under shelves they can show off decorative pieces in your home. This type of lighting can also come with colour-changing options that allow you to set the lights to your mood!
  • Pendants as Bedside Lamps: Long pendants on either side of the bed are on-trend. They boost the style aspect of your bedroom, while also providing the illumination needed.
  • Chandeliers: Chandeliers are in! Your Calgary custom home builder can help you choose a stand-out chandelier. We’ve seen homeowners choosing to incorporate chandeliers in the bathroom.  This adds a sense of glamour to your custom bathroom; position it above the bathtub in the ensuite, or above the sink in your powder room.

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