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An essential guide on building a sustainable custom home in the Calgary and surrounding areas.

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At Sunset Homes, we have a reputation for seamlessly working with our clients to help deliver the results they seek when creating their dream custom home.At Sunset Homes, we have a reputation for seamlessly working with our clients to help deliver the results they seek when creating their dream custom home.This guide explores the fundamentals of sustainable home construction and discuss crucial aspects you will encounter during the process to make you more familiar with the procedures involved.

The importance of sustainable home construction is discussed in detail while providing an in-depth look at what exactly a Leed Certified home is. Our guide educates on things to add to your home construction and looks at technology trends for 2021. Guidelines for eco-friendly worksites are discussed, and the four essential questions about sustainable home construction are brought to the forefront.

Why is sustainable home construction important?

Why Is Sustainable Home Construction Important

Sunset Homes Pillar Project Forever Home 8 Icons B 01The construction industry, by its very nature, is a big user of natural resources. But with growing concerns over climate change and the finite nature of these resources, there is increasing pressure on construction firms to reduce their environmental impact. From energy usage to emissions, the construction industry has a huge impact on the environment.

The new construction industry is vast, and the scalability of the operation should not be underestimated. An industry of this size can make a positive impact on sustainability. Recycled building materials, eco saving designs from the ground up provide a base to launch fresh, new and attractive alternatives for roomy and efficient living space that can be adopted for future generations to come. They can prosper and demonstrate good sustainable practises for those who follow them to emulate in the future.

To learn more about the importance of home construction, see our blog Why is Sustainable Home Construction Important? This blog highlights the importance of sustainable home construction and emphasises points you may not be aware of. It explores in detail the key areas home construction can focus on to improve your sustainability and approaches the subject from both the homeowner and the builder’s context respectively. The blog also discusses green home construction efforts to improve the environment with their versatile components fit for all seasons and how Calgary home builders can assist you.

What is a Leed Certified® sustainable home?

What Is A Leed Certified Home

Sunset Homes Pillar Project Forever Home 8 Icons B 06The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification program from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is the international quality standard for green building. The program recognizes primary building strategies that avoid toxic chemicals, reduce material waste and lower energy and water use.

LEED is a point-based certification barometer that analyses the performance of a home as a green home. A green home endeavours to have a productive influence on the efficiency of energy, environmental impact and human quality of life and wellbeing. Getting your home LEED-certified goes beyond installing basic sustainable mechanisms, LEED certification is detailed beyond assumption and can require serious commitment though both time and effort. It has huge benefits for your home, your community and even your bank balance especially if you are thinking and planning long-term.

To learn about the LEED program and what it’s values are, the strict criteria needed to adhere to and the overall aims for environmental development that LEED strives for, read our blog What is a Leed Certified® Sustainable Home? The blog explores the benefits of the program and the stages required to reach the high standards set for home owners and your Calgary custom home builders.

Things to add to your sustainable home construction

Things To Add To Your Sustainable Home Construction

Sunset Homes Pillar Project Forever Home 8 Icons B 01There are many improvements that can be done to make your home more sustainable. Some improvements can be done immediately and are cost-free; others will take longer and require more investment. Many of the improvements can be applied when renovating, or for new builds in many energy efficient ways and by using the latest construction methods.

The term energy efficient means that all the appliances that are fitted in different rooms save electricity and thus pave way to conserve the environment. As we lean towards an energy efficient green world, changing from normally used appliances to the energy-efficient ones becomes paramount for further global awareness and progression.

For more ideas on adding to your sustainable home construction see our blog Things to Add to Your Sustainable Home Construction. If you are new to sustainability or want to ensure you maximise your green construction opportunity, then this is the guide for you. The blog focuses on the benefits of locally sourced materials and the employment of local contractors before delving into more restrictive aspects and the preservation of renewable energy sources.

It allows you to mull over different window choices by discussing the inclusion of different glass thickness and what sustainability measures it can achieve. You can fully appreciate the options available to your sustainable home construction and alternatives to what you may already have reserved for your project. The article will make you think differently about the materials and processes used in construction and particularly about minimizing waste throughout. Learn how to provide the optimum amount of sunlight in your home and incorporate it into your design

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Sustainable home construction technology trends for 2021

Sustainable Home Construction Trends 2021

Sunset Homes Pillar Project Forever Home 8 Icons B 06Sustainable home construction helps to reduce environmental footprints. Many promising ways to reduce dependency on non-renewables in this industry have emerged in recent years. So, what will the major sustainable home construction technology trends for 2021 be?

There has been a shift towards healthier, environmentally conscious lifestyles; these trends in consumer behaviour have become instrumental in driving change. This shift in lifestyles and priorities have helped make sustainability more accessible, accepted and eventually mainstream.

To gain further insight into what to expect from the sustainability world in the coming year, read our blog Sustainable Home Construction Technology Trends for 2021. You will be able to navigate through the trends that will become the forefront of 2021 sustainability campaigns. You will learn how Calgary infill home builders can adapt their current home living to greener features without too much disruption and become more conscious of the impact of solar power, green roofs and conserving water.

This blog introduces Net Zero compliance to those who are unfamiliar with it. You can read how to prepare for compliance and evaluate where you are in the process before taking on the adherence policies. The article explores the different types of sustainable houses on the market by including urban infill building, laneway houses and coach houses. It provides a different perspective about appliances designed for water preservation and offers alternatives that may suit your home.

Ensuring an eco-friendly worksite during the construction of your sustainable home

Ensuring An Eco Friendly Work Site

Sunset Homes Pillar Project Forever Home 8 Icons B 01There are many reasons for construction companies and developers to adopt sustainable values, the first of which ensures sustainability and longevity. As the mindset of customers, politicians and corporations shift towards preserving the environment, the construction industry has followed suit. Furthermore, rapid population growth demands that we address issues of sustainability and resourcefulness sooner rather than later.

The ‘forever trend’ has been accelerated by the experience of working from home during the pandemic. Adapting to this shift in working circumstances has opened the door to new custom home builds and major renovations as homeowners are seeing the importance of the home environment and accommodating their needs.

Sustainable construction involves the use of environmentally friendly and non-toxic paints, solvents and building materials. This not only makes the building eco-friendly, it creates indoor spaces in homes, offices, and recreational areas. Some of the toxic paints and solvents used in conventional construction can cause respiratory complications, skin conditions, migraines and other health issues. Using eco-friendly materials in our residential, commercial and industrial buildings will prove to be a long-term benefit for all.

For a general overview of some important components that combined can make a worksite eco-friendlier, read our blog Ensuring an Eco-friendly Worksite During the Construction of Your Sustainable Home. The suggestions are based on previous projects carried out by experienced Calgary inner city home builders to provide an in-depth analysis of what it takes. The techniques used and discussed are proven and will continue to be extremely effective in the future monitoring of eco-friendly worksite progress for all sustainable home projects

Four essential questions about sustainable home construction

Four Essential Questions About Sustainable Home Construction

Sunset Homes Pillar Project Forever Home 8 Icons B 06As it stands, there are many sustainable options and alternatives that exist for construction companies and developers. The next step is recognizing the importance of reducing carbon footprints and toxicity levels to improve the overall health of the planet and its people. In many instances, Eco and Green technologies can cut down energy costs, which creates extremely viable options for construction companies and land developers.

Adopting sustainable construction methods is not an overnight process; there are challenges to face, the greatest of which is cost. There will always be pressure on construction organisations to reduce costs where possible, but there are still concerns that sustainable construction methods will cost an organisation more.

A Calgary custom home builder can help you set a detailed budget for your new build or major renovation. You must always consider your budget when selecting your materials and architectural features. Your home builder can help give you guidance on building your dream sustainable home within your budget limits. Builders can also give you direction on cost-saving sustainable options.

For interesting insight into the financial and administrative side of sustainability, read our blog The Four Essential Questions About Sustainable Home Construction. A lot goes into the construction of a sustainable home and the first section of this blog begs the question if it is all worthwhile? It goes on to provide excellent advice and some intriguing tips on how budget control can be maintained and lost very quickly if you are not careful. A complete run-through of sustainability certifications comes next before concluding the article with ideas and trends to increase usage of renewable energies whilst reducing emissions.

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