Why Is Sustainable Home Construction Important?

Published March 24, 2021.
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Sustainable housing is on the rise! There is a huge opportunity to create a greener legacy with some simple but effective changes that can appeal to all if governed and applied properly by a Calgary custom home builder. The construction industry has been keeping up with the demand for sustainable housing. Recycled building materials and eco-saving designs from the ground up to provide a base to launch new and attractive alternatives for spacious and efficient living space. These innovative materials are durable enough to last for future generations, making the eco-friendly results truly worth it.

So what can a sustainable home offer that a traditional home can’t? Let’s explore the reasons to choose such housing below.

Contribute to the Environment

By choosing a sustainable home you are doing your part in helping the planet. Sustainable homes use low-impact, high-quality materials. These homes are filled with technologies that benefit the environment in the long run. Building an environmentally sustainable home is a huge step in the right direction. Be an example to others and they will follow your eco-friendly lead, changing their lifestyles and habits.

Reduce Cost of Utilities

Did you know the sustainable features of green homes dramatically reduce utility costs? Fewer bills mean more expendable income at your disposal for other projects, savings, or leisure items. As you are likely starting to see, sustainable homes hold many ways to quickly pay for themselves, making them an attractive prospect.

Season Adaptable

The earth's natural resources are available to be maximized and used in our favor when it comes to sustainable construction. The unique combination of the sun’s zenith and the earth’s natural continuous rotation enable an earth-friendly home to capitalize on these riches. In this practice, location is everything and where you reside can dictate your decision on the type of sustainable housing you opt for. It becomes particularly important if you live in extreme heat or a country with a cold climate. Keeping cool in the summer and warming up in the winter is considerably cheaper with a sustainable home. An added advantage of the earth-friendly design is that it creates fewer stressors on the home’s systems during the peak months of the year for both heating and cooling.

Durability and Maintenance

Durability of sustainable housing had been questioned in the past, but recent advancements have diminished those doubts. A sustainable home’s features can be durable and long-lasting if the homeowner takes responsibility for maintenance. If done correctly, it can be a lot cheaper to maintain a sustainable home than traditional homes. You can be innovative in optimizing the potential of the materials used to build your new home and create significant long-term savings. By laying these environmentally friendly foundations, you are providing yourself with a unique selling point for any future sale. The incredible sustainable elements introduced in this type of home will be heavily sought after in years to come and will be irresistible for potential buyers looking to break into the sustainable home market.

Attractive and Different

The multi-faceted appearances of sustainable homes mean they can appeal to a broader audience by catering to different visual preferences and style tastes. Where traditional homes often follow a stereotypical look, sustainable homes allow you to create unique styles and designs. Some of the truly unique, modern homes we’ve seen include; tree homes, earth ships, straw bale homes, earthbags, domes, and round homes. This shows that you can bring any idea to a Calgary home builder and make your custom home dreams come true.

Improving the Quality of Life

For a property to be truly environmentally friendly and to be classified as a sustainable home, the materials used for building must be easily replaceable and as such, the design should reflect this. With these sustainable materials, the composition of the home is more durable and provides longer-lasting value to the buyer investing in it. Maintaining it is simple and any repairs will be quick and easy. Any major work can be planned in straightforward nature and won’t require huge costs or manpower. The repair work will less frequent than that of a traditional home, allowing you to further save money. Given the extensive list of benefits for both the owner and the planet, it’s clear that building a sustainable home is an excellent choice.

Sustainable Homes Set Us Up for the Future

At Sunset Homes, we are focused on ensuring we contribute to green building and are proud to be part of the Built Green Program. We are industry-leading experts in home construction and have the expertise to bring your ideas to life. With our reputation, we can implement sustainability into your project and help you build a home for the planet and the future. Ready to build your custom sustainable home? Contact Sunset Homes today!   We would love to learn more about your custom project and prepare a class 3 summary budget for you.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Did you know that building a sustainable home can actually save you money? Not only do sustainable homes help the planet, but they also help your pocket. There is also versatility in design and materials. Sustainable homes provide long-lasting value and are totally worth it.

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