Why You Should Live in Calgary Infill Homes Instead of the Suburbs

Published August 12, 2013.
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Why You Should Live in Calgary Infill Homes Instead of the Suburbs

Calgary infill homes generally refer to homes that are built within an area that is already built up, such as the inner city or downtown core. Here, underutilized land is used to produce new housing and revitalize the landscape. Infill homes can bring communities back to life and incorporate the neighbourhood’s unique feel and look. For many homeowners, choosing Calgary infill homes instead of an home in the suburbs comes with several benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Get Close to the Excitement - Calgary infill homes offer access to a concentrated mix of retail, office, shopping, and entertainment venues, which are particularly attractive to those who work in the downtown area. By choosing an infill home, you will not only gain access to a vibrant and desirable place to live, but you will be within walking distance of most daily activities, such as meeting with friends, shopping, or going out to a nice restaurant. You will never miss out on festivals again and you will always be ahead of the curve on all the wonderful cultural events that take place in Calgary.
  • A Shorter Commute - Calgary infill homes are the most suitable choice for those who work within the inner city area, simply because moving downtown reduces dramatically their commuting. You will experience major savings on gas and you will no longer waste hours of your day commuting. You can dedicate your newfound free time to more enjoyable activities, such as playing with your kids, spending time with friends, or catching up on reading or hobbies. There is always something wonderful that you can do with a bit of extra free time.
  • A Sense of Community – Choosing a Calgary infill home brings you more than just the satisfaction of a new custom home; it integrates you into an established neighbourhood. With a higher population density, the inner city offers you a deep sense of community and identity with a specific area. Since you’re not leaving the downtown area for a bedroom community each day after work, you will have a totally different experience than you would if you chose a home in a suburb. You will permanently be surrounded by a unique blend of different cultures and diverse people, lifestyles, entertainment and more.
  • A Healthier Lifestyle - A well established downtown residential district produces a constant flow of foot traffic designed to support local services. Calgary infill homes come with the benefit of less auto-dependency, which ultimately encourages a healthier lifestyle and reduces pollution. Infill developments are part of the foundation of more walkable communities, unlike the suburbs which often necessitate the use of a vehicle. You can live greener, and walk more places when you live in a convenient infill home inside the city.

Ready to take the leap and live in your own Calgary infill home? Contact the inner city home building experts at Sunset Homes to learn more about our custom projects and find out how we can create the perfect home for your needs.

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