What Style of Homes Do Luxury Home Builders Offer?

Published August 5, 2013.
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What Style of Homes Do Luxury Home Builders Offer?

When some people picture a luxury home, they see a sprawling estate with an oversized mansion that costs more than most will earn over a lifetime.  This vision isn’t necessarily untrue, but not all luxury home builders offer only these types of houses.

In reality, a luxury home can be a whole lot of different things.  Good luxury home builders realize that, and offer homes based on several different factors that cater to a wide range of home owners.

What Makes a Luxury Home?

In order to know what style of homes of homes a luxury home builder offers, it makes sense to figure out what exactly constitutes a luxury home. Some of the factors that most people would consider include:

  • Location – quite often, the location determines the exclusivity of the home, which determines whether you have a ‘luxury home’ or not.  In these situations, the home can be virtually any style imaginable because it is the location that makes it a luxury home.
  • Size – Huge mansions and even homes that are = high on the square footage can be considered luxury.  These large homes usually come with a hefty price tag, which also adds to the luxury label.
  • Architecture – Sometimes, just having the right name attached to the design of the home, makes it a luxury home.  The name, and the uniqueness of the design help contribute to the ‘luxury’ moniker.
  • Acreage & View – Acres of land to call your own and a panoramic view with spectacular scenery will always push the home that sits on it into the luxury group.  It helps if the home is stylish, comfortable and inviting too.

Is Size Always a Factor?

It does seem that most luxury homes have ample space, although size doesn’t have to be a factor for a home to be called luxury.   A smaller home designed by a world-renowned architect, sitting on a prime piece of real estate would certainly be considered a luxury home.

Does It Have to be Custom?

Again, the answer to this question is no.  Many Calgary luxury homes in exclusive, high-end neighbourhoods weren’t custom built for the owners.  There is no shortage of custom built luxury homes out there, but it isn’t a requirement to receive the luxury tag.

It Depends on the Lifestyle

In the end, it is really the lifestyle of the owners that determines whether a home is a luxury home or not.  The luxury of the home may be the location, the size, the architecture, the price or all of the above.  In reality, luxury home builders offer virtually any style of home to luxury homebuyers, and they will always encompass a wide range of floor plans and architecture styles.

Are you interested in building your own Calgary luxury home? Contact the experts at Sunset Homes to learn more about the styles we offer and your custom building options. We'd be happy to give you a free quote on your dream home.

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