What Is the First Step In Designing a House?

Published July 15, 2013.
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What Is the First Step In Designing a HouseIt’s no secret that to go from that initial flash of inspiration to a completely designed house requires an awful lot of steps.  During the infill home building process, there may be too many steps to count.

However, like any complex and detailed process, it all has to start somewhere.  So, what is the first step in designing a house?  There are really a few different possibilities.

Creating a Budget

Many would argue that even though it isn’t an actual design step, creating a budget is necessary to even begin the process.  A budget helps dictate square footage, materials, fixtures and features that will be part of the overall custom home design.  If you don’t consider this aspect first, you may have to backtrack later once it becomes apparent that you’ve spent too much.

Finding a Lot

In order to get started, you must select the site where the house will be built.  The lot and building site will determine factors like the building codes, the zoning, the condition of the soil, the natural sunlight, breezes and square footage that’s available to build on.  The lot may determine if you’re designing a house that’s spread out like a bungalow or built up with multiple floors.  Before you get those plans rolling, be sure to have the site selected so you know what type of space you’re working with.

What Kind of Home Do You Want?

The desires and preferences of the homeowners can also help determine the first move in the home building and design process.  If homeowners have specific ideas in mind when it comes to their custom infill home's layout, size of individual rooms, kitchen counter materials or roofing materials, the entire process, including the initial steps, may be altered.

Gathering Information

It seems as though the true first step to designing a house is to gather all the relevant information that will have a bearing on the actual design.  Budget is important, as is the location, the wishes of the clients and even the abilities of the builders.  Designing a house is a multi-step process that requires several different facets to work in balance with one another in order to find success.  Only when these aspects are in place can the home design process really get underway.

At Sunset Homes, we can guide you through the home design and building process, one step at a time. Contact us for advice on choosing a lot for your inner city home, choosing the right floor plan and more.

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