Benefits of ICF Foundations

Published July 9, 2013.
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Benefits of ICF Foundations

Benefits of ICF Foundations

Being apart of Green Built Canada, Sunset Homes has taken on the research and procedures to build your new inner-city custom home to adequately provide a comfortable home environment. Throughout the research and procedures applied to the construction of your inner-city custom home, Sunset Homes provides the most energy-efficient solutions for a safe, healthy, and peaceful environment within the household. As well, ensure the home with well-maintained warranties, life-time satisfaction, and being structurally sound.

Building a structural foundation in any degree in life will ensure a lifetime of security, reassurance, and trust. Sunset Homes feels the same way when building the foundation to your new inner-city custom home. Without stability and durability, the structure above that being built can easily come down. As being a member of Green Built Canada, Sunset Homes and trusted design staff can help provide and design energy efficient and structurally sound foundation to create and build your new inner-city custom home above.

Benefits of Building with ICF Forms

Higher-Quality Insulation - ICF system is now being used to replace more commonly used fiberglass insulation. The average savings by making this switch for energy consumed by heating is 44%, and cooling savings average 32% for structures built with ICF walls.

Structurally Superior - Few materials compare to the strength of concrete poured into insulated forms. Unlike conventional foundations where walls and floors loosen and shift over time creating warps and creaks, an ICF foundation will remain straight and quiet making your home more comfortable.

Fire Resistant - ICF walls resist burning flames with temperatures up to 2000 degrees for 3-4 hours. ICFs are manufactured using only approved raw material bead with flame-retardant agents.

Mold Resistant - Achieve a healthy indoor environment by eliminating air and moisture infiltration into your home or commercial space. ICF walls are completely mold resistant and create interior spaces that are essentially dust and pollen-free.

Lasting Value - Over time, ICF foundations become stronger, sturdier and require much less repair and maintenance than conventionally built homes. As a result, they retain their value for a longer period of time. ICF foundations are built to last and get stronger every day.

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