What is CoConstruct and How Does It Help During the Building Process?

Published March 17, 2018.
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When you decide to build your custom home instead of buying a home, understanding the custom home building process, selecting the right builder, and selecting the right lot are three essential milestones for you and your family! Furthermore, choosing a professional Calgary custom home builder is important, but selecting an organized, transparent builder with clear processes is key. While in the custom home building process, you will need to learn details about your home's progress in every step of the way. At Sunset Homes, we work with an online tool, CoConstruct, that will ease the process, maintain you informed at every step, and allow a smooth communication with your custom home builder.

Online software to build your new Calgary custom home

Building your new project is an exciting and important endeavor for us. At Sunset Homes, Calgary inner city home builders, we want to make your building process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. As professional builders in Calgary, we have experienced that our most successful projects are the result of having well-established communication with our clients and homeowners.

CoConstruct is an online construction management software that allows us to coordinate your new custom home and to provide you with access to a secure website with the most recent details of their project. Furthermore, this online software allows us to enhance collaboration with our clients and all the team working on the project.

One of the main advantages this construction software provides is that you can connect to your building project from anywhere in the world and from different devices, meaning that you do not need a computer exclusively to have access to your building project. Sunset Homes want to put information at your fingertips from selections, upgrades, financial decisions, questions, documents, photos, and more.

Follow Your Selections, Schedule, and Building Budget

Making selections sometimes becomes a difficult task when building a custom home. Additionally, as experienced builders in Calgary, we have a couple of selections that we think it is best to touch and feel. But using this online tool to follow your selections becomes essential. You can see your different options, see how each choice can make a difference in your budget, and communicate with your custom home builder when you have any specific question.

Having a precise schedule is also very important for our clients and us, this allows for tracking your process, and make moving and living arrangements while building. Furthermore, CoConstruct is integrated with our accounting system allowing you access to real-time financial data on your project.

If tracking your custom home process is something you would like for your new custom build, contact Sunset Homes today! We will gladly prepare a free quote and provide you with more information about our Calgary infill homes and major renovations.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

CoConstruct is an online tool that allows Sunset Homes to communicate and maintain transparency with our clients as well as making the building process comfortable and enjoyable.

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