What Does it Really Cost to Build an Infill Custom Home in Calgary?

Published March 16, 2021.
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When it is time to think of a new home, timing, quality, and cost are key factors in deciding whether building or buying a home is the right move for you.

Building a custom home is a completely different experience than buying a new home, and each option fits different wants and needs about timing, location, and costs. You can learn more about it in our blog 4 Things You Should Know About Building a Custom Home vs Buying an Existing Home.

If choosing the custom home building route sounds attractive to you, then it is important to understand the options you have for building a new home in Calgary. The more you understand about the custom home building process, and the choices you have, the better your experience is going to be.

To understand what it really costs to build an infill home in Calgary, it is important to know what is an infill home, what are the advantages of building, and how costs are calculated.

What is an infill home?

Infill homes are built in established areas of the city, are typically surrounded by amenities and entertainment options (especially compared to new developments), and provide school options for your kids.

In Calgary, infills are built in existing communities located in the inner-city. Their proximity to Calgary's downtown provides plenty of benefits such as being closer to work, which reduces commuting times, having access to public transportation, and quick access to walking paths and green spaces. All of these features make infill homes interesting to homebuyers that are looking for modern, spacious, and luxurious homes with excellent locations.

Are All Infills Custom Homes?

Not all infills are custom homes, this would completely depend on the builder you choose. But infill custom homes provide you with the advantages mentioned before such as location, community, shorter commuting times, and also, they are entirely designed to your wishes and needs. That means that no infill custom home is identical to another home.

Since 2009, Sunset Homes has been proudly building infill homes within Calgary. Through the years, we have worked on creating our Proven Process for a Successful Build and we know that understanding all the details related to cost and budget is extremely vital.

How is the cost of a custom home calculated?

When comparing infill custom homes to new developments, the costs of building a house can be broken down into two major parts: the cost of the land and the cost of development. The value of land depends on the location, lot size, and the potential for development. A lot on the outskirts of the city costs considerably less than inside the city. The land price of infill sites within the city are considerably higher. However, the advantages of an infill custom home far outweigh the cost concerns.

How is the Cost of Infill Custom Homes Calculated Then?

Usually, when researching custom home costs, future homeowners might get anxious when they cannot get a quick answer regarding the cost of a custom home in Calgary. Nonetheless, it is imperative to understand, when deciding for the infill custom home path, that there are various things to take into account both from the infill point of view and from the custom home point of view.

Building in a community in the inner-city implies tearing down an existing property or removing the existing property whenever possible. Learn more about this in our article Five Facts about Green Building and House Removal.

Additionally, when building in an inner-city community there are specific zoning guidelines and regulations that have to be taken into account when planning your new infill home and that, therefore, will impact the cost of your infill custom home in Calgary. So, this means that the kind of lot you have, or choose to buy, will also make an impact on your cost. Check out more on this topic in our article Advantages of Hiring a Custom Home Builder before Buying a Lot

Looking at the cost from the custom home point of view, it is key to account for your home style, architectural design, size, and your selections and interior design. When you build a custom home you will have the chance to select each and every detail that goes to your custom home, starting with your custom home design, to your materials, finishes, interior and exterior colours, stairs, and so on. This means that you have more control over the cost of your custom home.

This is when your relationship with your builder becomes really important and when selecting the right custom home builder improves your experience. Builders have different styles, standards, and specifications, and based on that they will guide you through the building process and get the right budget for your custom home.

It there a way to get ballpark cost per square foot for an infill custom home in Calgary, then?

Yes, a ballpark cost per square foot can be $250 to $400.

This is based on all the factors we mentioned before, i.e., size, selections, style of architecture and quality of your building materials.

What is included in a Sunset Homes estimate?

When you inquire with us, we will take into account all the key factors to build your infill custom home in Calgary. How would we know exactly what to include and what you want for your custom home? We will know from our Project Information Form, check out this quick video about it!

Additionally, we will make sure you work with one of our talented designers so that we can match your dream home to your desired budget. Our team of Interior Designers and Project Managers will guide you through your selections to make your experience a positive one.

Now that you understand the cost of an infill custom home in Calgary, the next step is to learn to understand what is included in your estimates and budgets. Check our articles in the section Cost of Building a Custom Home, especially the ones dedicated to the Soft Costs and the Hard Costs.

Curious about learning the whole custom home building process and budgeting for custom homes? Watch our Master Class: Engineering the Perfect Custom Home in Calgary!

Ready to build your dream custom home with us? Contact Sunset Homes; We would love to learn more about your dream home and prepare a class 3 summary budget for you.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR) 

An infill custom home in Calgary can range between $250 and $400 per square feet; many things can impact the cost such as size, architectural style, location, selections, and quality of building materials.

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