Three Important Facts You Need to Know About Sustainable Building

Published July 31, 2017.
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Sustainable building, also known as green building, is the implementation of environmentally friendly, responsible and efficient techniques in all the phases that entail building a home or structure. At Sunset Homes, as Calgary custom home builders, we implement sustainable building practices through our entire process. We pay attention to every detail while planning and designing your new custom home, selecting building materials, our construction practices and even while home removal or demolition.

Making sustainable infill homes that benefit our communities and educating our homeowners about it is one of our goals. As members of Built Green Canada, we want to be able to offer our homeowners durable, efficient and environmentally friendly custom homes. Take a look at these important facts about choosing sustainable building practices for your new custom home.

Investing in Sustainable Building for your Custom Home

Although many of our homeowners and home buyers approach us with the misconception that green building would be a costly option, green building is a good investment because in the long run these practices and materials will help you save money on your bills while having a more durable home and helping the environment. Building sustainable homes can also save you on mortgage insurance, check these rebates opportunities offered by Built Green Canada.

Saving on Services in your New Custom Home

Following sustainable building practices can help you save in water, electricity, and gas. Saving can be done by implementing small changes to your modern custom home, such as selecting energy efficient furnaces, air conditioning, and windows. Save water by choosing low flow showers and faucets, and be more energy efficient by using appliances with the Energy Star seal.

Home Automation for an Efficient Custom Home

Including Home Automation to your Dream Home is a great way to make your home more sustainable and efficient. Smart lighting is one of the easiest ways of home automation. You can save energy by installing Wi-Fi-enabled LED bulbs that allow the homeowners to control, dim or even program their lights. Home automation offers many options for energy saving and control.

Choosing sustainable building provides a healthier environment in your new custom home, provides better indoor air quality as well as better water quality. Overall, green building improves your home value and your life quality.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Choosing sustainable building is a great investment for home value and life quality. Ask your custom home builder for guidance on green building materials, programs and details on how to include sustainable building practices in your new custom home.

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