Garage Options for Your Custom Dream Home

Published July 27, 2017.
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Garage Options for your Custom Dream Home

When planning a new custom home, there are many options to choose to make it unique. The size of your home will depend on your needs and the size of your family. According to it, you might pick a larger or smaller home. Developing your basement to a family or game room, having a deck or garden and creating more livable outdoor spaces would be on your wish list. The possibilities are endless! If you would like to learn more about your wish list basics, check out What to Include in Your Wish List before Meeting your Home Builder. 

There are two main options for your new dream home garage. Custom Homes in Calgary might have an attached or a detached garage. Even though there are limited possibilities, one of the most popular questions among homeowners is which option will be the most suitable for their custom homes and lifestyles. At Sunset Homes, Calgary's bespoke home builder, we have put together some essential characteristics about each garage option for your new custom home.

The Convenience of the Attached Garage for Your Modern Custom Home

Although attached garages might not offer as much space as other kinds of garage, they are convenient and attractive in Calgary's cold winters, as there is no need to leave the house to get to your car. Another positive characteristic about the attached garage option is that they can easily provide a safe space to store tools and other items that you need to have on hand but not necessarily in your home. One of their main downsides is that they take space that could be used for another purpose in your home.

The Attractiveness of the Detached Garage for Your New Infill Home

A detached garage is a very interesting and attractive idea to consider for your custom home as it can be placed at an angle or the back of your home. This option also provides more space and it can turn out to be a more pleasing and private option. Their main drawback for Calgary infills is that detached garage can take most of the space of your existing yard, which can translate into less living outdoor space for your family.

Also, to decide among any of the options, homeowners and home builders should take into account the kind of lot and zone to assure the preferred garage option is feasible. For example, for a narrow lot, a detached garage would be the best choice. Furthermore, take into account your custom home style and design. Attached and underground garages are relatively new ideas and would not match perfectly with historical homes.

After choosing the option that suits you and your family the most, talk to your home builder about your garage design and characteristics to ensure it is secure and that it may provide some extra storage space for your custom home.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

If you are looking for the best garage option for your new custom home, consider that attached garages are conveniently inside your home, and that detached garages are more attractive aesthetically. Ask your Calgary Custom Home Builder for the best choice according to your lot and home style.

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