Sunset Homes's Top 7 Kitchen Updates for 2013

Published March 18, 2013.
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Sunset Homes's Top 7 Kitchen UpdatesThere’s something about having your kitchen updated that can really breathe life into your entire living space.  For a lot of people the kitchen is one of the focal points of the home, so it’s also the place you want the latest design trends and features.

Here are 7 of the top kitchen updates for 2013 for you to consider incorporating into your own custom infill home:

1)       Under Cabinet Lighting

As the name suggests, under cabinet lighting is special lighting that is installed under the kitchen cabinets.  This update can be used to brighten up the entire kitchen, or to create a certain ambience within the kitchen, depending on the type and strength of lights that are used.  Let your custom home builder and designer go through several possibilities before you settle on one that you feel is right.

2)       Glass Backsplashes

Glass hasn’t really made too many inroads in the countertop department, but more and more kitchen designers are using it as backsplash material.  Natural stone and ceramic tile have been a popular choice in the past, but glass tile backsplashes are trendy for 2013 and complement many other materials you may want to use in your kitchen.

3)       Pull-Out Faucets

Instead of a standard kitchen faucet with a detachable side sprayer, incorporating both functions in one unit as part of a pull-out faucet is more practical and popular.  They are available in several different styles and work well with virtually any type of sink and with any design style.  Restaurant-style faucets are becoming one of the most popular trends in kitchen design.

4)       Darker Finishes

Kitchen cabinetry updates in 2013are moving  toward darker finishes. Dark finishes give a clean and warm look to your kitchen, and work well with under cabinet lighting.

5)       Flooring Updates

For kitchen flooring, the goal is to choose something that is both attractive and durable..  Many homes see an awful lot of kitchen traffic and kitchen activity, so you don’t want a kitchen floor that’s easy to scratch and mark up.  Of course, you still want it to match the rest of your kitchen design and look great. Ceramic, cork and even polished concrete are popular choices.

6)       Countertops

With special lighting and finishes, trendy backsplashes and faucets, you need a countertop that’s going to bring it all together.  Many people’s eyes naturally gravitate to the countertop, so you don’t want to go wrong in this department.  Quartz is a popular choice for 2013, as it is available in several stunning patterns and is non-porous and durable, making it beautiful and functional.

7)       Customization

Meeting the needs and wants of clients is the name of the game for designers and Calgary custom home builders, so it’s not really a surprise that personalized drawings and customized plans are part of the equation in this year's kitchen design trends.  Whether it’s finding space for a walk-in pantry or creating just the right combination of lighting, customized updates really make a kitchen your own.

Sunset Homes can help you design the perfect kitchen for your custom infill home. Our experts will guide you through the kitchen design process and can incorporate some of the latest kitchen trends for 2013. Contact us today to get a quote on your renovation or new home building project.

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