5 Key Elements of Modern Home Design

Published April 8, 2013.
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Key Elements of Modern Home Design

With so many homes being built in so many different types of communities all around the country, it can be pretty tough to narrow down a concrete definition of ‘modern home design’.  Just a brief search will reveal scores of shapes and sizes and concepts.  And while a big part of new builds depends on the individuality of the owner and creativity of the designer, there are some key elements that are seen over and over again. 

1) Considering the Site

Much of modern home design has to do with the site the house is being built on.  This is especially true of infill builders because the neighbourhood is already laid out and the design of the house will have a huge impact on things like natural light, views from inside the home and ventilation.  If the landscape is scouted and notes are taken ahead of time, it will be much easier to create the ideal design for the site.

2)  Natural Light

Light plays a big role in many modern home designs, and more specifically, natural light.  Large windows on the south side of the house, and smaller windows to balance the natural light levels will save on energy costs and will bring a positive mood into the home regardless of the time of year.

3) Utilizing Outdoor Space

Many modern home designs like to make use of the outdoor space as extra living space.  This includes stylish patio areas and covered living areas that work just as well when the weather isn’t perfect.  This concept is also applicable for walkways, pool areas, and any other piece of the outdoors you can squeeze into the overall infill home design.

4)  Creative Storage Solutions

Storage tends to be an important factor for many homeowners, and finding creative ways to build storage solutions right into the house is often an element of modern home design.  These solutions might include built-in furniture or specially designed closets or even ‘secret’ compartments no one would ever suspect.  Creating easy storage helps with the organization of the home and allows you to manage those items that never really seem to find a place.

5)  Environmental Friendliness

Any modern home design that is going to have an impact must consider the environment in each step of the process.  This means preventing waste with energy, green building materials, insulation, air flow and so on.  Designing homes that are considered energy efficient in as many areas as possible will always be a hit with builders, prospective homeowners, inspectors, government regulators and real estate agents.

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