New Trends for Calgary Custom Homes

Published February 11, 2019.
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The beauty of planning a custom home is that you get to design the whole layout, decide the specifics of every room, and select all details, fixtures, and items that can make your home unique. At Sunset Homes, one of the top Calgary inner city home builders, we firmly believe that a home is not a simple structure, but a place of comfort, safety, and relaxation for our homeowners and their families.

If you are planning to build or renovate your dream home this year, then you have the opportunity to get inspired by these new trends for custom homes. With the new year, homeowners seem to be getting more inclined towards a spacious and minimalistic approach when it comes to custom homes. Today, we bring you some of the hot trends that will probably stick around in 2019 among home builders in Calgary.

A Custom Home with a Deeper Connection with Nature

Every day, the homebuilding industry is getting more involved with the care of the environment, and this is also reflected in the custom home building process as well as the renovation process. Homeowners are exploring the best ways to go green in their homes to both protect the environment and improve their quality of life. That is why they are looking to live in an energy efficient home. This care for the environment and connection with nature will also be reflected in home decoration trends this year.

The main idea is to accomplish a natural feel incorporating earthy tones, wooden finishes, and indoor plants. Another hot trend is the use of floral print fabrics or wallpapers in different rooms of the home, including the bathroom. If you are interested in having a minimalistic, natural, yet cozy vibe in your new custom home, ask your Calgary home builder to install engineered hardwood flooring with light or washed-wood finishes for a clean look.

Love for Wood Everywhere in Your New Custom Home

Since 2019 seems to be a year of simpler and more minimalistic choices within the building industry, wood becomes the perfect material to bring warmth to interiors. Many homeowners include this material in their furniture and flooring. Another trend that you can discuss with your chosen home builder in Calgary is to add wood countertops in your kitchen or wood elements in your bathroom for a retro yet stylish look.

A Custom Home with a Sense of Openness

Open floor plans are still a huge hot trend among homeowners. As experienced Calgary custom home builders, we love this trend as it contributes to maximizing your custom home space. The idea is to separate different zones with design and decoration elements rather than with walls. The perfect example is the transition from the kitchen to the living room with a change in flooring and lightning.

If you decide to go for open floor plans, your Calgary custom home builder should also consider elements such as more spacious hallways, bigger aesthetic doors and larger windows that also have the openness and airy effect that you may be looking for. Another huge trend is building a kitchen that opens to outdoor dining areas to be enjoyed during warm days. In this case, openness can easily be achieved by including glass lift-and-slide doors that are almost invisible and connect the indoors and outdoors in a smooth and super stylish way.

More Outdoor Spaces for Fun and Relaxation in Your Custom Home 

In our experience as home builders in Calgary, we can tell you that homeowners are giving the same importance to outdoor spaces as to indoor ones. That is why they are devoting a portion of their budget to decks, patios, gardens, and backyards to enjoy warm months with family and friends. The current trend is to build houses that open directly to these recreational spaces.

Many homeowners are opting to include outdoor ovens or fire pits outside their homes while skipping the indoor fireplace due to the high efficiency of indoor heating systems. Another nice trend is to add a pergola and landscaping with carefully selected local plants. For outdoor spaces, ask your Calgary custom home builder to explore durable yet aesthetic options such as stone flooring and concrete finishes.

Kitchens and Bathrooms Go Colorful and Practical for your New Custom Home

We all know the importance of the kitchen and bathrooms in a home. Also, these rooms are the ones that can dramatically increase your home’s value. As professional Calgary infill home builders, we suggest investing time carefully to plan these valuable spaces that will make your life more comfortable every day.

This year’s trend is to stray from the pure white kitchens and bathrooms to include some bolder hues in the game. Among the favorites are blues and oranges. In the kitchen, countertops, stools, backsplashes, cabinets, and lighting pendants are the perfect places to introduce pops of vibrant colours. Meanwhile, homeowners are incorporating colourful elements in the bathroom in the form of vibrant tiles and sinks combined with natural materials and industrial fittings for a rustic look.

Crittall-style shower screens are also making a huge come-back, and many homeowners are skipping bathtubs for simplicity and practicability. If you would like to go for a no-bathtub bathroom as well, we suggest you ask your Calgary custom home builder to do the plumbing rough-in, so all installations are ready to include one in the future if you change your mind or if you decide to sell the property.

Are you ready to build your dream home? Contact Sunset Homes today! We will prepare a class 3 estimate for your project, and provide you with the right tools for every step of the custom home building process.

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In 2019, the new hot trends for custom homes include a deeper connection with nature, wood elements, open floor plans, well-planned outdoor spaces, and more colourful and practical kitchens and bathrooms.

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