How to Choose the Right Interior Colours for Your New Calgary Custom Home

Published February 26, 2019.
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Probably one of the most exciting parts of any building or renovation project is the interior selections. And one of the first steps to properly decorate a dream home is to create a colour palette that will set the mood for every room. This process can be intimidating for many homeowners due to the vast array of colour options in the market, but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be that complicated if you count with the help of a professional Calgary custom home builder.

Selecting colours for your interior walls can be fun and help you discover some traits of your personality that you haven’t noticed before. Colour choices are entirely subjective, and you should paint your home in tones that inspire you every day. At Sunset Homes, Calgary inner city home builder, we would love to share with you some of our favorite tips to choose the right interior colours for your new Calgary custom home.

What Are the Ideal Colours for Your New Custom Home?

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It may seem obvious, but the first thing you should do to choose the right palette for your interiors is to ask yourself what you actually like in terms of colour. Many homeowners are surprised to discover belongings of certain tones surround them without having noticed the pattern before. If your favorite colour is green, this doesn't mean you should jungle-paint your whole home, but maybe you should consider some tones of the same family or complementary tones that can visually work together with your green decoration items or living plants.

As experienced Calgary custom home builders, we believe that the colours you choose for your interior walls are more about what you feel attracted to and what you want each room to feel like. Before entirely basing your final choices on magazine trends, take into consideration that paint should also complement other interior selections, such as flooring, lighting fixtures, countertops, and even your kitchen and bath cabinetry.  Furthermore, keep in mind the furniture style you want to have in your new custom home.

Your Custom Home Needs the Right Inspiration

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Today there are so many tools to get inspiration that it would be a shame not to make the most of them. Magazines are a great source of inspiration but they are not the only option anymore. We recommend you to take a look at social media and also use tools such as Pinterest and Houzz to create inspiration boards for each space of your new Calgary custom home. There are so many apps that virtually paint a room so you can get a look at what the final result may be.

Other great sources of colour inspiration are paint manufacturers’ websites. Usually, they can not only show you their whole catalog and referential pictures of walls wearing each tone, but some let you upload pictures of your actual room so you can apply the paint and see if it fits the room. They also have inspiration tabs that can be quite handy. In our experience as custom home builders in Calgary, we always advise our homeowners to take a look at Benjamin Moore’s super useful website. 

Go Room by Room in Your Calgary Custom Home

One of the best tips to avoid being overwhelmed by choosing interior walls colour is to divide the task by areas of your new custom home. This means that you should avoid trying to define the interior palette of your whole property at the same time. Ask for the guidance of your chosen Calgary home builder to start the selection process in an organized way that you will later remember as a positive and fun experience.

We suggest you start with the larger areas of your new custom home and then continue moving forward to other rooms. A good idea is to start with the living and dining rooms, that are usually part of an open layout, and with the entryway, which is the first area noticed by everyone when coming into the interior of your property. Many homeowners choose a colour scheme for these common areas and then pull one colour from it to include it in the next room.

The critical thing to take into account is that the whole point when painting these areas is to make the rooms feel they flow together and that the transition between them goes smoothly. When picking the colour for each room, also take the time to walk around your home and note which areas can be seen from others so you can picture the views from each corner of your property.

Always Test Your Custom Home Colours First

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How many times have you bought a paint tone that you loved on the catalog but then had a massive disappointment when looking at the actual painting on the wall? We have all been there.

The truth is that paint hues don’t look the same on a paper than on a real wall. That is why we recommend you to get paint samples to be tested on your home's walls.

At Sunset Homes, Calgary's infill home builder, we love creating a sample wall for our homeowners so that they can take a look at the final finish, texture, and tone. We do this by applying a white primer to the wall first and then painting some sections with the chosen colors. We always suggest testing your paint selection for a few days and considering how they look before making any final decision.

Interior Custom Home Colour Trends for 2019

Since we are in the first quarter of a new year, this may be an excellent opportunity to take a look at current painting trends that can help you create stylish and bold spaces that will captivate your guests and give you tons of inspiration every day. This year, colour experts are more inclined towards earthy tones, sophisticated grays ―such as Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year― and several shades of deep blue. Other super trending interior tones for this year are warm terracotta and red clay that makes you think of deserts and canyons. Coral is also a great interior tendency right now as it has been chosen the Pantone colour of the year.

The idea is to create vibrant interior spaces that promote energy and creativity (especially when it comes to common areas) while leaving subtle grays and blues for soothing and relaxing bedrooms. Make sure you ask your Calgary custom home builder to help you evaluate nature-inspired tones on the earthy side when choosing the right interior colours for your new custom home.

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Now that you have all the tools to select your interior colours, have you thought about your exterior colours and materials? Learn more in our article Calgary Custom Home Builder Tips to Choose Exterior Colours this 2019.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

When choosing the right interior colours for your new Calgary custom home, make sure you consider your colour preferences first, look for several sources of inspiration, make your selections room by room, test all hues first, and take into account current painting trends.

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