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Published November 10, 2021.
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A profile of MKL Design Studio; the company that helps our homeowners design their beautiful custom homes. Working with an interior designer for your custom home build or major renovation is essential. The MKL team will help bring your vision to life with your budget in mind.

MKL Design Studio Profile:


Building a custom home is a very exciting undertaking. It begins with your dream of creating something that will perfectly fit your personality and lifestyle, fulfill the needs of your family, and bring joy for many years to come. You have found the perfect lot in a wonderful neighbourhood and a great Calgary custom home builder who will help make this dream come true. The architectural drawings are ready, what is next?

For most of our clients, this next step is the most exciting in the entire process of building a custom home. Scrolling through stunning images on Houzz and Pinterest, you are seeing interiors that speak to you on a personal level. You are starting to imagine yourself living in these spaces but are not quite sure how to bring your vision to life. This is where our designers come in and create a plan of how to make your dream spaces a reality.

MKL Design Studio has been collaborating with Sunset Homes since 2017. We have developed a unique interior design process that is clear and straightforward. From organizing meetings with suppliers to guiding you through each selection to documentation – let us take care of the details.

As we begin to design the interior of your new home, we will ask you thousands of questions about how you live and move, some of which may be somewhat intimate, to ensure each space performs for you and your family. There are many elements that need to be addressed during the interior design process – from cabinetry to flooring, to staircases, to lighting, and much more. An experienced designer will help you make sense of all the trades’ lingo and stay on track with the overall look of your home.

And then there is the question of budget… Does a beautiful home need to be expensive? The short answer is no. It does help to know what is most important to you and using that as a compass when making decisions. You will always have our honest professional opinion and guidance when it comes to making sure that your vision aligns with your budget.

Working with an interior designer is like insurance on your investment. For most of us, a house is one of the largest investments we make in our lifetime, so why not get professional advice? Sunset Homes includes a complementary Interior Design package with every contract because they understand the value of good design. MKL Design Studio is an award-winning full scale design firm with projects across Western Canada, we have been designing custom homes for over 25 years. Have a look at our work on Instagram @mkldesignstudio.

Dawn is the Principal and visionary of MKL Design Studio. With background in both Interior & Architectural Design and 25+ years of experience, Dawn is an active member of Calgary’s home building scene and has gained recognition on both regional and national levels. Known for her abilities to meet and exceed clients’ expectations, Dawn has mastered the art of creating impactful experiences and beautiful homes.

Anastassiya began her Interior Design career in Toronto, ON 15+ years ago. Having learned to design from industry leaders in both Toronto and Calgary, Anastassiya’s approaches design from a unique perspective that addresses function, aesthetic, and a positive experience as equally important components of building a new home. Recognized nationally with the highest customer satisfaction rating in 2018, Anastassiya strives to ensure that every interaction with clients, builders and trades is constructive and uplifting.

Nikki joined MKL Design Studio in May 2021, bringing 4 years of industry experience to the team. Nikki’s background consists primarily of kitchen and bath design, and she brings a wide variety of knowledge to the collective. She brings a thoughtful and timeless approach to each design, creating beautiful, functional spaces that can stand the test of time. Nikki has a great appreciation for all things design and a strong passion for bringing a client’s vision to life.

We look forward to collaborating with you and making your dream come true!

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