4 Important Factors When Choosing a Custom Home Builder in Calgary 

Published October 20, 2021.
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A guide for choosing the perfect Calgary custom home builder for your new home build or major renovation. Quality of work, transparency and communication, relationship building and reputation is essential.

Building a custom home requires attention to a lot of little details, making the building process an exciting yet large commitment. Choosing the right home builder is key! Below are some tips for selecting your new Calgary custom home builder.

Quality is Essential When Selecting Your Custom Home Builder

When selecting your custom home builder it’s important to verify their attention to quality work. Throughout the entire building process, your Calgary custom home builder should be on top of all the little details. Ways to research the quality of a custom home builder include:

  • Read and watch testimonials: You can check Sunset Home’s reviews here.
  • Browse photo galleries of past projects: Click here for Sunset Home’s project page.
  • Ask to go on a site visit: Don’t be afraid to ask to see an ongoing project to get a hands-on look! Steer clear of an unwillingness to provide references, this may be a red flag.
  • Ask around.

At Sunset Homes, we work with amazing trades who help us build our quality custom homes.

Transparency and Communication are Important in Your Custom Home Build

A strong communication platform is vital when building a custom home. Ensure your Calgary home builder is transparent and uses strong tools to communicate effectively. Your builder should be a trustable guide throughout the entire home-building process.

At Sunset Homes, we use a software called CoConstruct to showcase your project’s budget, schedule, selections and all other important details. This software has a strong messaging system that allows you to remain in communication with us anytime you have a question or comment. Check out our blog for more information on the transparency and usefulness of CoConstruct here. 

Look for a Custom Home Builder that You Can Work With for Years to Come

Custom home building is like a marriage. A strong relationship between your home builder and yourself ensures a successful project. You will be working with your home builder through design, pre-construction, construction and finally warranty. As you can see building a custom home requires a lengthy relationship with your Calgary custom home builder.

At Sunset Homes, each project is assigned a Project Manager who works one-on-one with you to make your dream home a reality. Your Project Manager will assist you in all aspects of your custom home build or major renovation.

Think Reputation and Experience When Selecting Your Calgary Custom Home Builder

Your Calgary custom home builder should have a great reputation with past clients and a strong network of reliable subcontractors and vendors. Industry experience is important, that way your Calgary custom home builder will have an organized, efficient process.

At Sunset Homes, we are fortunate to have been nominated as 2019 and 2020 finalists for the Calgary Region Bild Awards. The BILD awards are a great way to celebrate home building, design, renovations and community development; we’re proud to be members of this association.

In 2020 and 2021, we have been crowned the Top Choice Builder in the city of Calgary. Learn more about the Top Choice Awards here. We cannot thank our team, trades, suppliers and homeowners enough for the ongoing support.  We are honoured to be a recognized custom home builder in Calgary and the surrounding areas.

If you’d like to learn more about working with us  Contact Sunset Homes today!  We would love to learn more about your custom dream home.

Learn more about our Calgary custom homes and major renovations and follow our progress on Facebook, Instagram, and Houzz!

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