Design Selections to Boost Efficiency in Your Custom Home

Published January 26, 2023.
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Energy-efficient custom luxury homes are necessary in today’s world. They are climate friendly, offer lower utility bills, and guarantee that your home is comfortable. When homeowners opt for energy-efficient options while designing their custom luxury homes, they drastically raise their value. Sunset Homes can easily achieve this by performing an energy model once the design is completed. Here is a list of the major component that will play a role in the energy calculation

HVAC Systems

Working with your Calgary luxury home builder to create an energy efficient HVAC system is an important design selection. HVAC systems that are above 97% energy efficient involve a one-time cost with lifelong savings. Not only do these systems help luxury homeowners enjoy lower energy bills, but they are very environmentally friendly. 


All types of insulation are created in different ways. Older insulation, such as standard pink insulation, doesn’t provide the same insulating properties as modern insulation types. At Sunset Homes, Calgary custom home builder, we build above building code, starting at a minimum of R24 on the exterior walls, all the way to R50 when building NetZero homes.

ICF Foundation

Most homes lose heat through the walls of the foundation. This is why it’s common for basements to be colder than the rest of the house, which is less than ideal if you plan on using your basement for a home gym or family room. An ICF foundation is carefully insulated to keep your luxury home at a comfortable temperature and reduce energy bills. This one-time cost will provide comfort for a lifetime. 

Energy Efficient Windows

Another critical item that causes temperature fluctuations is the windows of a home. Double-pane windows are about 15% cheaper than triple-pane, and also have a lower R value. You don’t need triple pane windows in the whole house. Homeowners who opt for double or triple-pane windows will enjoy a more comfortable home where they can relax thanks to the heat not escaping through the windows. 

LED Lighting

LED lighting is available in various wattages to ensure that the lighting is not too bright, creating the ideal ambiance. At the same time, homeowners enjoy the many benefits of LED lighting in their custom luxury homes. Other benefits include: 

  • Longer lifespan
  • Energy efficient
  • Various designs available

LED lighting has many of the same options as traditional lighting, from LED lightbulbs to LED light bars. 

Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy-efficient appliances are another way to modernize your custom luxury home. They are low-cost, modern, and offer lower energy bills. Most smart appliances are designed to be energy efficient. Homeowners can find these appliances in every size and color. When owners choose to sell their luxury home, they will enjoy a high return on their investment. 

Smart Features

Smart features remain a standard option for luxury homeowners. Not only do these features increase the value of a home, but they also make it possible for homeowners to control the temperature of their homes consistently. Program the thermostat so the temperature is cooler when no one is home, and make sure it warms back up before you walk in the door. The convenience and comfort that smart features provide remain unrivaled by outdated features. 

In Conclusion

Energy-efficient homes provide a comfortable environment for homeowners. The one-time costs of energy-efficient design features often pay for themselves through reduced energy bills and a high return on investment. Contact a Calgary luxury home builder today to discuss essential energy-efficient features for your next home.

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