Design Ideas to Increase Your Luxury Homes Value  

Published January 26, 2023.
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Designing your dream home is a wonderful process. Working with a Calgary home builder can help you finally have the perfect home to suit yourself, and your family. However, it’s important to realize that there may come a time when you want to sell your house. Future homeowners that are in the midst of designing their custom luxury home should consider incorporating design elements that will increase your home’s value if you place it on the market. 

A Home Office

Most people will find that they utilize a home office, especially these days with more options to work remotely, even if they don’t own their own business. This can be used as a place to manage finances or read.

When you place your luxury custom home on the market, you can add that it has a home office, which will instantly help it sell faster. Home buyers that don’t have a need for an office will still enjoy the extra space. Increasing the square footage of living space in your home will help increase the value of your custom home. 

Fully Develop the Basement

Luxury homes with more usable space have a drastically higher value than their smaller counterparts. A fully developed basement can be an additional bedroom, living space, home gym or serve as a rec room for the kids! Once luxury homeowners include the additional square footage to the value of the home, you can expect the value to drastically increase. Homeowners typically recoup this additional expense when they sell their luxury custom home. 

Open Floor Plans are Trending

Open floor plans are a trend that is not going out of style anytime soon. These floor plans allow families to feel closer. Homeowners can truly create a space of their own with an open floor plan! When you opt for an open floor plan, you’ll be able to get a higher return on investment if you choose to sell. 

Include Storage Space

Another thing that future buyers will look for in a new home is ample storage and closet space. You can enjoy this space while you live in your custom luxury home, too! Built in cabinets with shelving in the bathrooms and hallways is ideal. Include walk-in closets in bedrooms. Put flooring in the attic so that it can be used as storage. The more storage space a home has, the more appealing it is to future buyers. 

Other Critical Details

When working with a Calgary home builder, keep things in mind that will increase your home's value. A primary ensuite that amazes potential buyers will instantly increase the value. Include large walk-in closets and a walk-in shower in the primary suite of the home. Paint in a neutral palette that future buyers will appreciate. Smart features, such as thermostats, smart appliances and a security camera doorbell will all increase your home's value. 

When working with a Calgary luxury home builder, discuss design ideas that will increase your custom home’s value. Home builders have a wealth of experience in both design and renovations that offer a high ROI. 

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