Custom Home Builder Tips for a Transitional Custom Home in Calgary

Published January 16, 2019.
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We can all agree that building a custom home is a life-changing experience for any homeowner. It is the perfect opportunity to materialize the home you have always dreamed of. But it entails so many details that some stages of the process may feel daunting. To avoid this, the best way to go is to trust your project to the right Calgary custom home builder.

Only an experienced team can provide you with the right advice about the overall style you would like to imprint to your future custom property. On the first and second parts of this blog series, we mentioned the most common building and design styles among custom home builders in Calgary ―modern, traditional, and transitional― and focused on the first and second ones. Today we would like to explore what it is to build a transitional custom home in Calgary.

The Beauty of The Middle Ground in A transitional Custom Home 

The transitional style basically means mixing components of both modern and traditional styles. This blend includes all aspects of your custom home in Calgary, from structural design and materials to finishes and furniture.

The challenge of this particular style is to find the perfect marriage between classic and modern elements so you can accomplish a timeless style that mirrors your taste and lifestyle. If you believe that transitional style is the one for you, ask your chosen Calgary custom home builder to plan for a traditional design with a modern twist.

The Benefit of Choosing the Best of Two Worlds for your Calgary Custom Home 

If the top benefit of having a custom home is the high level of customization of every detail in your home, then the prime advantage of transitional style is that you get to choose the elements you like the most of every building and decoration trend. This allows you to have the perfect balance between your needs and priorities and the aesthetics you are looking for.

Professional home builders in Calgary can offer you the proper advice on which styles and trends you could mix to accomplish the looks and environment you have dreamed of for your new custom home. Many homeowners go for clean lines, a lot of light and comfort, and yet stylish touches which result in artful spaces. As experienced Calgary inner city home builders, we recommend you consider mixing industrial and vintage fixtures all around your new custom home.

Transitional Style for your New Custom Home in a Nutshell

Transitional style offers you the huge plus of basically selecting any traditional and modern trends you feel attracted to and mix them. But there are some common characteristics that we have noticed among transitional homes in our several years as home builders in Calgary. One of them is the preference of clean architectural lines and interior minimalism. A well designed transitional custom home usually features minimal, artful details rather than many decorative pieces everywhere.

Another feature of transitional homes is the use of natural and warm wood in may rooms, including kitchen cabinets, where sometimes it replaces the old-time favorite white. There is also an inclination towards neutral palettes ―think taupe, cream, and vanilla― with vibrant coloured accents where blues and golds are genuinely appreciated. Another way of adding character to your transitional home is to play with metals such as copper and steel to add a luxurious vibe.

As the bespoke Calgary infill home builder, we believe that the objective of transitional design is the creation of clean and calm spaces. So logically another noticeable trend is to bring a lot of light to interiors with over-sized windows and to keep a bare look when it comes to floors.

The Right Way to Add Depth to your Transitional Custom Home

Since transitional homes have a calm, clean and uncomplicated vibe, the best way to add depth to their overall subtle palette is to play smart with furniture, fabrics, and accessories. And in our experience as Calgary custom home builders, we guarantee you this can be a super fun process.

Consider a minimalist approach by curating the decoration items for your new custom home carefully. Also, think about clean and elegant natural elements such as orchids, and simple yet stylish classic elements such as black and white photographs. Finally, have fun playing with exciting patterns and textures in fabrics such as fake leather and suede, velvet, and chenille.

Cohesion Is Vital for Any Beautiful Blend in a Custom Home

The objective of any custom home is to adapt it to the owner’s lifestyle and needs. As experienced Calgary custom home builders, we also suggest keeping in mind that transitional homes, when not properly planned, can end up being a multi-style trap. You don’t want to end up with grandma-style spaces next to almost aerospatial rooms. The trick is to find the perfect balance between both worlds to accomplish a beautiful blend that reflects your personality.

Whether you are interested in having a modern, a traditional, or a transitional custom home, the idea is to have a home that is totally you. Only a professional Calgary custom home builder can provide you with the right expertise and building and design solutions adapted to your taste and budget.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Transitional custom homes mix both modern and traditional elements. They feature clean and calm spaces with subtle palettes and bold accents.

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