Custom Home Builder tips for a Traditional Custom Home in Calgary

Published December 24, 2018.
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When building your custom home in Calgary, one of the most exciting and challenging stages of the building process is choosing the overall building and design style. On the first part of this blog series, we focused on the main characteristic of modern homes. Today we bring you more details about building a traditional custom home in Calgary.

The Value of Tradition for your new Custom Home 

Traditional custom homes mix styles that differ in origin and period. Nevertheless, they have several common features that a professional custom home builder in Calgary can show you while determining if you are more inclined towards traditional or modern vibes.

What are the Characteristics of Traditional Custom Homes?

The usual characteristics of traditional homes are large porches with overhanging beams, while the roofs usually feature gables. Symmetry is also a huge factor in traditional style and design. If you are interested in building a traditional home, your chosen Calgary custom home builder may suggest you consider a front with a central door flanked by windows. Traditional windows tend to have shutters as a functional and decorative feature, and they usually have very similar shapes and sizes.

When it comes to the footprint, traditional homes are usually larger than modern ones, but the indoor space is often more divided. Even if the current trend is going for an open floor concept in custom buildings, traditional homes have more single-purpose rooms and an overall formal vibe in spaces like the living and dining rooms. But this doesn’t mean traditional homes are strict and that you should not go for an open concept main storey.

The Perfect Materials and Tones to Accomplish a Traditional Custom Home Look

When selecting the ideal materials for your new custom home, ask your Calgary custom home builder to guide you through all the traditional options that now combine the classical look and top quality. Traditional vibes can be easily accomplished with quality building materials such as wood, brick, and stone.

Your custom home interiors are also important when it comes to choosing the right style for you and your family. Since traditional homes feature smaller windows and are more private in general terms, this also means that they often receive a little less natural light than modern homes. To make up for this, an experienced Calgary custom home builder would add charming lighting pieces and use a neutral colour palette inside and outside to make spaces light, warm, airy, and inviting.

The Importance of Traditional Outdoor Spaces

It is true that traditional custom homes in Calgary come in all sizes and have one or more storeys. But something that is a must is outdoor spaces. Let’s remember that traditional style has its roots in historical moments when household space was meant to be for large families and this often also included the need of having a home orchard for self-consumption.

Inspired by this, home builders in Calgary would suggest you consider devoting an important space of your lot to front or back gardens. Try to think of this space not as a simple transition from indoors to outdoors, but as a place for entertainment and relaxation. You can finally have that floral garden you have always dreamed of and add traditional features such as a soothing garden fountain. Also, consider adding a deck where you can enjoy warm days with your loved ones.

Traditional Doesn’t Mean Old for your Custom Home Look

Sometimes people believe that traditional style means old-fashioned. But that does not have to be the case. A traditional custom home can be as trendy and stylish as a modern one. What you should take into account is to properly balance classic looks with current top building materials and technology. This also applies to eco-friendly practices: A traditional home can also be green and committed to the protection of the environment.

Finally, take into account that traditional custom homes have a multigenerational appeal, which means that guests of all ages feel attracted towards this style and its homey vibes. Both young couples and starting families can benefit from a traditional custom home where to grow, and retirees have a notorious preference for traditional style as well.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Traditional custom homes usually borrow architectural details to reinterpret past classic styles. They feature large porches and gardens, and classical features and materials such as fireplaces, wood, brick, and stone.

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