Calgary Custom Home Builder Tips to make your Bathroom Renovations Simple

Published September 13, 2018.
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As the bespoke Calgary custom home builder, at Sunset Homes, we know that bathrooms are one of the most important spaces of any home. A good bathroom can set the mood for a productive morning and help you relax after a long day at work. This also means that a bad bathroom can do the exact opposite.

If you have decided to renovate an outdated bathroom, or you are custom building the home of your dreams, there is no need to break your head or bank account. What you need to do is to trust the project to an experienced home builder in Calgary and consider the following tips to make your bathroom renovation as simple as possible.

Hire a Professional Calgary Custom Home Builder

The first thing you need to do to avoid headaches and minimize the stress associated with home renovations is to choose an experienced Calgary home builder. Many homeowners try to make home renovations on their own but this is not always advisable, especially when dealing with bathrooms.

Of course, you can paint some walls and make some installations at home, but if you are planning to start a total makeover, then it is always better to count on the guidance of specialized professionals. Hiring a plumber is not enough either. Sure, a plumber will help you with pipes and fixtures, but only a Calgary custom home builder will oversee the whole project from the beginning to the end.

Define What Is the Scope of the Project

Not all home builders in Calgary offer the same services, and not all bathroom renovations are comparable. Maybe you have a bathroom layout you already love and only want to revamp the space to give it a new life. Or maybe you wish you had a magic wand that could make the whole thing disappear and give you that dream bathroom you have saved on your Pinterest board.

Either option is, of course, valid and the most important thing is that you are clear on what is the scope of your project so you can choose the right Calgary custom home builder for you. This consulting stage will also have a great impact on the definition of a proper budget and schedule, so you don’t waste your money or your time. Only once you have both discussed the extent of the makeover and set some numbers and dates on paper you can confidently start the work.

Think about How your New Bathroom Will Be Used

One of the most important tips to make your bathroom renovation simple but awe-worthy is to define how you will use this new space. It is not the same to renovate a bathroom for kids or for guests. Neither is it the same to plan for an adult master bathroom. When discussing your ideas with your custom home builder in Calgary, be as much specific as you can about the future use of the renovated space. This will help them better guide you through all your possible options.

By predicting the future use of your new bathroom, you will also have an idea of the elements you will need to add to make it functional. Consider some basics, such as choosing durable, but low maintenance materials, all while keeping safety in mind, especially when the bathroom will be used by children or elders. Your Calgary home builder will provide you with the best functional and safe items with exclusive warranties.

Remember the Basics

To make the whole renovation process simpler, Sunset Homes recommends keeping the basics in mind. Meaning: The elements that make a bathroom great or poor. In our experience as experienced custom home builders in Calgary, the most important asset of a bathroom is its layout. The right layout will determine the future use of the space and will make the area not only visually appealing but functional on a daily basis.

Another basic that many homeowners forget at the beginning while looking at their inspiration boards is quality. Sometimes, fixtures and tiles look really beautiful on paper or screen but you must make sure they meet general industry quality standards. Remember that a bathroom renovation usually entails a significant expense, so it is best to invest your money in durable and quality elements. The best tip is to rely on your chosen Calgary custom home builder to choose the right materials for your new bathroom.

Selections are Key for your Bathroom Renovation

Once you have defined the scope of the project and the layout of your dreamed bathroom, you can finally start thinking about the specific elements you will need to add to this new space. As professional Calgary infill home builders, we can name some essential elements you will need to invest in: Lighting, fixtures, tiles, W.C., shower, bathtub, and vanity. Usually, the first element ―lighting― is forgotten, but we assure you that the proper light installations can make a huge impact on building a relaxing and stylish bathroom. Fixtures are also a huge part of luxury bathrooms. Make sure you choose elegant yet durable materials that will resist heavy water spillage over time. When it comes to tiles, we suggest you mix a subtle palette and design with one statement tile for impact.

Many homeowners believe they must select a shower or a bathtub. But why choose? If you have space and the right layout, you can have both the practicality of a jet shower and the luxury of a spa-like tub! Finally, when looking for vanities, don’t forget the importance of both look and storage capacity. Ask your Calgary home builder and designer for some ideas on how to complement the vanity with mirrors and lighting in a smart way.

If you need help with your bathroom renovation, contact us today! We will prepare an estimate for your new custom build or major renovation, and provide you with the right tools for every step of the custom home building process.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

When planning a bathroom renovation, make it as simple as possible by hiring a professional Calgary custom home builder, defining the scope of your project, thinking about the future use of your bathroom, going through the bathroom basics, and referring to the usual elements of any bathroom renovation.

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