Four Myths about Bathroom Design

Published September 28, 2018.
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One of the most essential rooms in a home is definitely the bathroom. The reality is that a well-designed bathroom can be a game changer for everyday life. That is why bathroom makeovers are one of the most common renovations among homeowners. But in our experience as Calgary custom home builders, they are also one of the most dreaded.

As the bathroom is an area exposed to heavy traffic, it can become a tricky room for renovations, especially when the project entails a complete design and layout change from the original one. Over our many years as home builders in Calgary, we have noticed that this challenge has led to the spread of many myths about bathroom design that make homeowners doubt about the convenience of engaging in a project to materialize their dreamed luxury bathroom.

Nevertheless, if you trust the project to a professional Calgary custom home builder, your bathroom renovation can run smoothly and on schedule. And as there is no need to add extra stress to your project, at Sunset Homes, we would like to share some thoughts with you that will help you debunk some common myths about bathroom design.

The Main Goal of Bathroom Design Is the Final Look

When planning your new custom bathroom design, one of the crucial aspects to be considered is aesthetics. For sure, all people want to have a beautiful luxury bathroom that is a pleasant place to relax after a hard day at work. But as experienced Calgary inner city home builders, we suggest you never prioritize look before functionality.

A perfect bathroom, especially the master one, should combine both a stylish and practical design according to the future daily use of the room. An experienced Calgary home builder can help you achieve the perfect balance between both assets.

A Complete Bathroom Renovation Is Way Too Expensive

At Sunset Homes, Calgary inner city home builders, we know that the cold fact is that the most demanded custom home renovations ―meaning the kitchen and bathroom― are usually costly ones. This makes sense as those are rooms that require a considerable renovation effort because they involve dealing with many aspects as the same time such as plumbing, electrical installations, unique fixtures, water-resistant materials, and complex design.

But all this doesn’t mean that you have to break your bank account to accomplish your dream custom bathroom design! Consider that the total cost of a bathroom makeover entirely depends on the scope of the project. Some cases require that everything is wholly tossed and replaced, while others are much simpler. You only have to choose the right custom home builder in Calgary; one who can help you assess the size of your project and provide you with a comprehensive cost estimate from the beginning.

A Bathroom’s Design Change Is Not Worthy from An Investment Perspective

Surely that bathroom design renovations are expensive but, as we explained before, they do not necessarily have to empty your pockets. Your chosen Calgary custom home builder can advise you about modern bathroom materials, functional fixtures and efficient installation techniques that will not only make your renovation easier and less expensive, but that will also add value to the new space.

As with most custom home renovations, changing the design of your bathroom rather than being a mere considerable expense is a smart investment move for the future. As experienced Calgary infill builders, we can tell you that a bathroom renovation, especially a major one that includes a complete design and layout makeover, can add real value to your overall property by increasing its resale value. So, don’t hesitate anymore and consider your bathroom renovation not only as an upgrade for your home but also as a potential future return on investment.

Bathroom Design Makeovers Are A Messy Never-ending Story

One of the most common myths about bathroom renovations is that they never end. While it is true that a major bathroom project can seem overwhelming and stressful, it doesn’t have to last for ages. If planned and done correctly, a bathroom design should be finished right on schedule. The key to avoiding delays is finding the right home builder in Calgary that prepare a realistic schedule depending on the scope of your project, and adds buffers for any possible delay due to unexpected complications.

The other usual belief is that the path towards that perfect bathroom design you want is too rocky and messy even to start thinking about it. That is an absolute myth! Your project doesn’t need to become a dirty mess that will cause you a panic attack every day for an indeterminate period of time. Our mission as bespoke Calgary home builders is to minimize the disruption to your daily routine during any building or renovation project. This means that we will walk you through every step of the process, so you know what to expect, that we will foresee the need for a temporary bathroom space while we finish your project, and that we won't engage on several projects simultaneously. Check out our Calgary Custom Home Builder Tips to Make your Bathroom Renovation Simpler

Are you ready to build your ideal family home or do a major renovation? Contact Sunset Homes today! We will prepare an estimate for your new custom build or major renovation, and provide you with the right tools for every step of the custom home building process.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Bathroom design tends to be a tricky endeavor for sure, but some myths need to be debunked before any homeowner starts a bathroom renovation project. Some of these common beliefs are that the primary goal of bathroom design is aesthetics, that bathroom renovations are expensive, messy and time-consuming, and that the proper bathroom design can’t add value to a property.

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