Calgary Custom Home Builder Basics for the Ideal Kitchen

Published June 25, 2018.
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When you are ready to build your new custom home or to start a major renovation to your existing home, one of the rooms that require plenty of attention in the design stage is the kitchen. Nowadays, the kitchen is not only the place to cook, but it is also a place for us to do a plethora of activities, such as entertaining guests, spending time with family, and even for your kids to do their homework.

But what makes a perfect kitchen? The ideal kitchen is entirely up to what is right for you and your family. It will also depend on your needs, for example, if you prefer having plenty of cooking space or rather have your kitchen as an open concept, maximizing your home's space. As experienced Calgary custom home builders, we created this list of basic things you should know to plan the ideal kitchen for your new custom home in Calgary.

The Kitchen Triangle and the Work Zone Design

These two concepts cover what you should think of and ask for on your kitchen design. First, the kitchen triangle proposes that there is an ideal space between the main working areas in the kitchen to be able to have a functional and comfortable space. That means that the cooking space or stove should be placed in a triangle with the area dedicated to storage, such as the fridge, and the space dedicated to prepping your meals.

With the kitchen becoming a place for more than cooking, the concept of the kitchen triangle has evolved into the work zone design. As the work triangle was really thought of to reduce spaces, designing your kitchen into work zones makes sense for larger areas. Dividing your kitchen into tasks, such as prepping, storing, baking, cooking, eating, chilling wine, serving, and so on can help to maximize the efficiency in your kitchen.

Now that you know these two fundamental concepts ask your Calgary custom home builder and your design team as well for guidance on planning your ideal kitchen layout in a way that you can maximize the use of space and at the same time make your kitchen have an incredible and inviting look.

Planning Your Ideal Kitchen Layout

A good starting point to your ideal kitchen layout is to work on a small wish list. In the same way you created a wish list for your new custom home, creating that list of must-haves for your ideal kitchen will help your design team to deliver the right layout for you. If you wonder what you should include, a good exercise would be assessing your current kitchen. List the elements that you dislike and the ones that cause you problems while cooking. Think about your lifestyle and the items you have needed in your kitchen before. Once you have covered these general needs, take a look at the different layout options more commonly used and their advantages.

Space and Functionality for your New Custom Kitchen

When planning your kitchen layout consider the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular kitchen layout options.

  • The L-Shaped Kitchen: This layout consists of two countertop areas forming an L, this offers an increased use of countertop space and the possibility of adding a kitchen island as well. In an L-shaped kitchen extending the cabinets to the ceiling will help you maximize storage space. This layout is very versatile and even in small areas offers plenty of counter space for different activities.
  • Double "L" Layout: This option can be considered as a bigger L-shaped kitchen, it also includes an island in the shape of an "L." The main advantages of this kitchen layout are the amount of countertop space you can have on your kitchen, making it more comfortable for two people to be cooking at the same time by having multiple workstations in your kitchen. The main disadvantage could be that you will need to dedicate plenty of space to accommodate your kitchen island.
  • U-Shaped Layout: This layout has three adjoining walls of cabinetry and countertops and an open end. It provides plenty of room for storage and workstations, nonetheless, adding a kitchen island can be quite tricky if you don't dedicate enough space to the kitchen.
  • Corridor Style: A corridor style kitchen is a good option for reduced spaces, you will have counters on both sides because you have walls on both sides. This design may promote the kitchen triangle concept effectively, nonetheless, it can also be designed to have your fridge, stove, and sink on one side and countertops and storage on the other side of the kitchen.

There are plenty of other kitchen layouts to choose from. Ask your experienced custom home builder in Calgary to see which option better fits your wants and needs.

Don’t Forget About These Kitchen Essentials

Now that you know about the basic concepts and layouts to start planning the ideal kitchen in your new custom home in Calgary, including these kitchen essentials will contribute to having a more functional, organized, and efficient cooking space. Although there are plenty of shelving and storage options to choose from, consider adding some essential items such as retractable cutting boards and hide-away appliances as they can make your everyday kitchen tasks more manageable.

Incorporating technology can also contribute to an efficient kitchen and can save you of lots time, from choosing energy-efficient appliances and kitchen equipment to Bluetooth smart faucets, your kitchen can have all the essential items and be ultra-modern at the same time.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Choose a kitchen layout that covers all your wishes and needs, maximizes the use of space and functional characteristics for your new custom kitchen, and don’t forget to ask your Calgary custom home builder for guidance to include all the essentials for your ideal kitchen.

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