6 Items You Should Consider Before Building Your Custom Infill Home in Calgary

Published June 22, 2018.
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When you are thinking about building a new custom home in Calgary, or investing in a new infill home, it is a time in which careful planning can define the life-changing process that building a home can be. As experienced Calgary custom home builders, Sunset Homes provides you with as much information as possible so that you can make informed decisions and enjoy your home building experience. Take a look at these items you should consider before building your new home in Calgary.

Selecting the Right Builder

Finding the right Calgary custom home builder is a very important step in the home building process because they will act as your project manager. The home builder should be experienced in building the kind of home you are envisioning. They should also be familiar with the area in which the project is going to be built as having a custom home builder with experience in your area can save time and money. Having a good relationship with your builder can be key for your overall experience, take a look at these 5 Important Things to Consider When Comparing Builders.

Defining the Right Budget for Your New Calgary Custom Home

The overall budget for your custom home should be the starting point of the planning process. Before you begin to design a custom infill home, talk to your builder about what your budget for the entire project will be from start to finish. Though you will not be able to account for every single expense during the custom home building process from the start, you can still put together an estimate that you can refine together with your builder over the course of your project. After reviewing the initial budget estimate, you will be able to determine the feasibility of the home building project.

To be able to determine the right budget, you will also need to understand all the costs included in the construction process. Read more about the items you can find in our budgets in our two-part blog series Two Main Categories Associated with your Custom Infill Budget.

Choosing the Ideal Community and the Right Lot

What type of community amenities are you looking for when you move to your new home? Would you like to live close to schools, be able to walk to shops and restaurants, or live in a rural area away from the buzz of the city? When building an infill home, the type of community you see yourself living in is of the utmost importance.

Additionally, there are many factors you must take into account when choosing the perfect lot for your custom infill home. It must be the right size and shape for the structure you are planning to build. As well, you have to consider the buildings surrounding the lot - will they obstruct your view or block out the natural light? Will you have enough space for parking, pools, and other outdoor structures once your house is built? Choosing the right lot is just as important as your home's design. Take a look at some of the Advantages of Hiring a Custom Home Builder before Buying your Lot.

Understanding Permits and Approvals

Don't forget about the many permit applications and approval processes that come with building a new home. During the building process, after you establish your custom home design, there are a couple of weeks assigned to all the permits and approvals to be able to start building your home. You may also have to get the appropriate zoning for the type of structure you plan to develop. Some permits you may be required to have are:

  • Demolition permit if the lot has an existing building
  • Development permit
  • Building permit
  • Mechanical, electrical or plumbing permits
  • Permits for a pool or other backyard structure

Take a look at our article Building Permit Basics for your New Custom Home to learn more about the time they may take and the possible requirements. Also, take a look at all the information provided by The City of Calgary.

Your Home's Exterior Appearance 

When building an infill home, homeowners often aim to design a new home that matches the style and character of the existing homes in their desired neighborhood. Your home should also be proportional in size to your lot and the other surrounding houses. The best part about a custom home is that you can have complete creative control of the exterior and interior of your home. It's essential to design a home that you feel comfortable in, so including the right finishing touches that suit your lifestyle will make your new custom inner city home perfect. From wall colours and carpeting to light fixtures and furniture, you can design a home that reflects your personal taste and will be functional to live in.

Your exterior colours and finishes can define the character and overall look of your home, take a look at our blog Exterior Finishing Options for your Custom Home in Calgary to explore what would be best for your home exteriors.

Thinking about your New Home Resale Value

Does your potential new neighborhood support the value of the house you are planning to build? A common mistake many people building a home do not consider, and they end up with a product that is much more valuable than any other property in the neighborhood. This can mean that your home will be challenging to sell. Take a look at How Design Can Impact Your Home Value.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Before building your new Calgary home, take into account the style you want it to have and match it with the ideal community, lot, and builder. Plan your new home considering its future resale value and your desired budget as well.

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