3 Important Tips for Preparing Your Custom Infill Home for Spring

Published March 16, 2017.
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Spring time is almost here and we are excited about the warmer weather. We are ready for colors, flowers and even more sunshine. Spring is not only an excellent time to clean and change styles, also, after winter your home has endured severe temperatures and with the warmer wind and rains coming, Sunset Homes, Inner City Home Builder, wants you to know all the little checks ups for your home and to be completely prepared for the weather changes to avoid damage and maintain your infill home.

Start with exteriors

If snow is completely gone, then it is a good time to visually check everywhere for cracks outside, and also check your rain gutters. Make sure nothing gets to your foundation. Scan visible areas of the roof; see if there are any concerns you may want to have checked. Also look for missing shingles.

Move on to windows and doors

Some materials used for your windows and doors expand and contract during extreme weather. Check the caulking around windows and door seals, and also, take the time to clean your windows inside and out, pretty soon you will be opening these to enjoy the nice weather.

The key check for your interior

Your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is the key system in your home. This system provides you with indoor air quality, and Spring and Fall are the best times to ensure it is properly functioning and ready for weather changes, being Summer and Winter. Have an expert service your HVAC and replace the filters.

Also, don’t forget little check ups such as inspecting your outside faucets for freeze damage caused by snow, get your garden hose ready and make sure it has no cracks. Plan out your spring cleaning and remember to include organizing your pantry, closets and having your carpets perfectly ready.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Inspect your home for cracks and gutters, and make sure they don’t get to your foundations. Check your roof, windows and doors for any malfunction and have your HVAC system checked and filters changes, your home will be ready for Spring!

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