3 Ideas to Include in Your Custom Infill Home's Super Kitchen

Published March 13, 2017.
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In modern home interior design, the kitchen has become more than a place to cook. The new Super Kitchen idea is conceived to have an open space kitchen design to serve as a multi-purpose room. The Super Kitchen is a place in which you and your family are able to entertain guests, work from home, cook, and share family time every day, and as an open space, it will be connected with your living and dining rooms. Sunset Homes, Calgary's inner city builder, has prepared some ideas for you to consider when envisioning the super kitchen design for your custom dream home.

Let your kitchen space flow

You can pick an L-shaped layout with an island, this pick will provide you with sufficient space for your activities and it will give a long look to your kitchen and allow you to use the island as a breakfast bar or choose the option to include a Parsons table for eat-in dining. Depending on your preference, you can have your kitchen stove on the island to be able to interact with others while you cook.

Super kitchens need a super pantry

You can choose a walk-in pantry design or up to ceiling kitchen cabinetry. Both options will provide you with plenty of storage space, which is what you need to have everything at hand in your super kitchen. Don’t worry about high places, you can reserve these areas to store the items you use occasionally and still have them in the kitchen area. Some super pantries include built-in spaces designed for your appliances, drawers with cutting tables, and spots to place your laptop.

Little Items to Add Uniqueness

Some items can give your super kitchen a unique style, add luxurious feel and give you good vibes. For example, the lights and lamps that you chose may set a different tone. We suggest using plenty of light and adding pendant lamps over your island. Also, you can choose a neutral palette for your counters and cabinetry to create a more sobre look. Additionally, you can play with your backsplash design and showcase custom-made tiles.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Super Kitchens with an L shape and Island layout offer a better space distribution. Include plenty storage space with a walk-in pantry or a floor to ceiling cabinetry concept and pay attention to small details like lamps and backsplash design to add a unique vibe. Ask, Sunset Homes, your inner city builder, for more information.

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