2022 Bathroom Trends to Expect in Custom Homes

Published January 28, 2022.
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A list of 2022 bathroom trends to expect in Calgary custom homes. Under-cabinetry lighting, marble, matte black, gold and wood accents, bold colours and wallpaper. Large bathroom suites are in, and so is using plants for decor.

At Sunset Homes, we believe your custom home should express your unique personality! Yes, even in your bathrooms. While a traditional bathroom can be lovely, we have seen a transition to bolder design elements. Working with a custom home builder will help you design a bathroom that leaves your guests in awe. Below is a list of 2022 bathroom trends for you to consider in your new home build or major renovation with a Calgary custom home builder.

  • Under cabinetry lighting: Under cabinetry lighting is an eye-catching element to add to your Calgary custom home. Not only does it add vibrancy to the room, it is an energy-efficient option that promotes safety. These low-watt lights allow kids and guests an illuminated path to the bathroom at nighttime. We have seen increased popularity in under cabinetry lighting in the bathroom and kitchens of our recent custom home builds.
  • Marble: Marble has been trending in many spaces in custom homes! The bathroom is a great place to add it for a touch of elegance. Marble can be utilized for flooring options, countertops and shower surfaces. Since no two slabs are the same, marble truly gives your bathroom a custom look. It is also a stone that ages well, making it a good investment. While the white marble is most often seen, we love the look of black marble with gold veins for a bold statement in your Calgary custom home.

Bathroom Trends to Expect in Custom Homes

  • Bold Colours: Forget the basic neutral colour scheme, why not try something that makes a statement in your custom bathroom? Playing around with unique coloured walls or cabinetry that gives a pop of colour are great ways to amp up your custom bathroom design. Blue and green cabinetry is trending in Calgary custom homes. Consider incorporating a colour that shows off your unique style in your full bathroom or powder room.

Bathroom Trends to Expect in Custom Homes

  • Matte Black and Gold Accents:  As far as we’re concerned matte black and gold are tied for the most popular colour for hardware and fixtures in 2022! Both will offer a unique and eye-catching effect on your custom bathroom. We have seen an increased demand for both matte black and gold. Want another striking suggestion? Consider a black bathtub with gold fixtures in your Calgary custom home. 2022 is for making a statement in your custom home design.

Bathroom Trends to Expect in Custom Homes

  • Wood Accents: Looking for a custom master bathroom with a spa-like feel? Consider wood accents to set the tone. Keep it subtle by incorporating a natural wood vanity and mirror frame, or take it a little further by including a wooden wall in your steam shower. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you design a beautiful custom bathroom with unique wood accents.
  •                                                                        Bathroom Trends to Expect in Custom Homes
  • Wallpaper: Unique feature walls with wallpaper have been on the rise in Calgary custom homes. With so many different wallpaper options, any mood can be portrayed! The pretty patterned wallpaper with shades of blue in the bathroom below looks gorgeous in a French Country style custom home.

Bathroom Trends to Expect in Custom Homes

  • Bathroom Suites: Larger bathrooms and primary bathroom suites have been trending in Calgary custom homes. A large custom primary suite gives you a luxury spa feel right at home. We recommend a separate room for the toilet so that two people can use the bath suite at the same time. Designated areas help make the layout of a custom primary suite make sense. Think designated space for the shower, freestanding tub, storage and double-vanities. For a truly spa-like feel consider a sitting area with a fireplace like the custom primary bathroom below.

Bathroom Trends to Expect in Custom Homes

  • Plants: As for decorating we have seen increased popularity in incorporating plants in your custom bathroom decor. Studies have proven that plants help to reduce stress, anxiety and boost mood. Plants also help improve air quality throughout the home. This shows that plants as decor are excellent for your well-being, and add a pop of colour to your custom bathroom.

2022 will be an exciting year for bathroom trends! We are eager to see bold bathrooms that let our homeowners' unique personalities shine. Working with a custom home builder will ensure your vision for your dream home comes true. Consider under-cabinetry lighting, marble, and bold colours in your custom bathrooms. Also think wallpaper feature walls, large bathroom suites and using plants as decor to let your design truly shine.

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