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3 Things to Consider When Selecting Kitchen Cabinetry and Door Hardware

When planning your kitchen renovation or when selecting items for your new custom home, one item homeowners have to decide about is cabinetry, doors and storage hardware. One aspect homeowners might not imagine, is that handles and knobs actually can give that unique touch to your custom home, consider them the jewelry of your home. Your selection can create a luxurious look and make your home interior stand out.

Knobs or handles for your doors
Starting with your doors, the first choice will be to decide between knobs and handles. If you want to create a modern style you can select handles with clean lines. If you seek simplicity for use, knobs might be a safer option for children as it is more difficult to catch on clothing. The trends for modern home interiors is satin stainless steel in silver tones as they stand out in almost all of the color schemes.

Practicality and style for your kitchen
Your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home and if you decide to custom build it as an open space, the kitchen will not only be for cooking and your décor will complement  your living room as well. Your hardware option should be comfortable and stylish at the same time.
For your kitchen cabinetry you will be able to find many sizes: small cabinet knobs, cabinet handles and extra-long cabinet handles. You can find wood, ceramic, glass, and metal knobs, with round and cup styles. They can be a nice decorative element, but if you seek practicality and style, for your drawers and cabinets we recommend handles instead of knobs as they are easier to pull. The most used material is metal as it remains the strongest option and a matte finish easily matches all kinds of woodwork, and  is the easiest material to maintain.

Positioning and style
If you choose handles, they can be placed depending on the style you envision for your home. For modern homes, choose long line handles for your kitchen cabinetry and place them horizontally. For traditional homes, you can decide to use knobs with details for small drawers and drop handles for bigger cabinets, maybe adding a ceramic finish for a vintage look. Finally, if you go with the transitional home, you can blend both styles and combine cup knobs with small line bar handles.
Your door and kitchen cabinetry hardware do not have to be expensive to create a unique and luxurious environment in your custom dream home. Contact Sunset Homes, Calgary’s bespoke home builder, will gladly help you with your selections through the entire building process and we will suggest the best options according to your dream home style.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)
Knobs are the best option for traditional homes; ceramic knobs will add style to your kitchen cabinetry. If you prefer a modern look choose metal long line handles for your kitchen and satin stainless steel for your doors.