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Why is Energy Modeling Important for your New Calgary Custom Home?

When building your dream custom home, it is essential to make the right choices from the beginning of the process to end up with a property that is not just beautiful and stylish but also safe and healthy for your family. Additionally, world trends are making homeowners think more about green options for their homes to protect the environment, reduce their human footprint, and enjoy healthy and more green spaces.

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All You Need to Know about Built Green and EnerGuide

If you have the perfect lot and you are planning to build your dream home from scratch, you have the chance to actively participate in every stage of the process with the help of a professional home builder in Calgary. This also means that you have the opportunity to make an impact on the environment by going green during the building process.

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Four Built Green Options to Build your New Custom Home in Calgary

Building a custom home can be an exciting project for you and your family. A custom home provides you with the opportunity to select every item to make your dream home come true. Your selections include items that will be part of your home style such as stairs, flooring, windows, etc. However, you also can select your building materials and their quality and environmental impact as well.

What Is Indoor Air Quality And Why Is It Important Sunset Homes

What is Indoor Air Quality and Why is it Important?

Indoor air quality plays a significant role in living a healthy life. In simple terms, indoor air quality refers to the quality of air within the living zone. Custom homes are often designed to enjoy time at home, entertain guests, and enjoy indoor activities as well. Therefore, thinking about air quality does become important when planning your new custom home.

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Custom Home Builder Tips to go Green in Your New Custom Home

Once you decide that a custom home is what suits you better to express yourself and to match your lifestyle, you will realize that you can also choose to build an environmentally friendly home. In fact, you can choose how green your home can be. There are many benefits of green building, but one of the most important is making your home a healthier place for you and also for the planet. Learn more about it in our article Three Important Facts you need to know about Sustainable Building.

Three Important Facts You Need To Know About Sustainable Building

Three Important Facts you need to know about Sustainable Building

Sustainable building, also known as green building, is the implementation of environmentally friendly, responsible and efficient techniques in all the phases that entail building a home or structure. At Sunset Homes, as Calgary custom home builders, we implement sustainable building practices through our entire process. We pay attention to every detail while planning and designing your new custom home, selecting building materials, our construction practices and even while home removal or demolition.

Why You Should Build Green

 Five Facts about Green Building and House Removal

If you own a house, or just bought land, and want to build your new home from scratch you need to either remove or demolish the previous one. At Sunset Homes, Calgary's bespoke home builder, we care about green building and we are devoted to making our process as environmentally friendly as possible.


Solar Energy for your Calgary Custom Home

One of the many features you can add to your Calgary custom home with Sunset Homes, Calgary’s inner-city builder, is to include solar panels or solar shingles to your new home. The most common questions homeowners have regarding solar panels are if they are worth the investment if they can keep adding solar panels in the future and the overall benefit.

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Why You Should Build Green

Green building means your next home can be energy efficient. 

Creating an energy efficient home is not as hard as it seems. Just by making the simple decision to build your house greenly, you are halfway there. It all begins with a thought, which leads to your new energy efficient home. Look to the experienced team of Calgary Infill Builders, Sunset Homes, when considering green building.