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4 Useful Lighting Tips for your Luxury Inner City Home

4 Useful Lighting Tips for your Luxury Inner City Home

When planning your new custom luxury home, or for major renovations to your property, lighting is one of the key features you and your home builder should agree upon. Why? Lighting in your house plays an important role; it creates the environment and style you want to create for your dream home.

Correct lighting can allow you to make your home look more spacious and balanced. Also, the correct use of natural lighting and an efficient lighting plan for your home will allow you to save significantly in energy as well as contribute to a green and healthy living lifestyle. As experienced Calgary builders, we can provide you with all the guidance you need according to your custom home design.

Your bulbs count
Always go for LED bulbs. They never burn out, are resistant, and work well indoors and outdoors. Select the right shape according to the room. For example, floods work better for the outside and globes work better for your bathroom and table lamps. Also, it is important to take into consideration cooler and brighter bulbs for your kitchen and working areas.

Include these 3 essentials
There are three major widgets you can add to your home that will help you save energy, adding the right colour to any room in your house. Change your switches to motion sensors and you will never forget to turn off the lights anymore. If motion sensors are not the right widget for your style, then include dimmers. They are a helpful tool for energy saving and they are perfect for setting up your lighting depending on the occasion and the room. Last but not least, get programmable timers, they come in different presentations and they are compatible with LEDs. They are key to energy saving and to have a welcoming reception every time you return to your home.

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