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Calabassas a striking three-story modern home that stands out with its bold design and luxurious features. The exterior showcases a sleek black metal façade contrasted with pristine white stucco, creating a sophisticated and eye-catching aesthetic. The meticulously detailed wooden entrance welcomes you into a world of elegance and comfort in its over 3,100sqft of livable space. Inside, the main floor houses an exquisite piano room, perfect for music enthusiasts and elegant gatherings. The open-concept design flows seamlessly, highlighting the home's modern architectural elements. Ascending to the third floor, you’ll find a spacious family room with access to a private balcony. This serene outdoor space offers a perfect spot for relaxation and entertaining, with panoramic views that enhance the living experience. The zzzz perfectly blends cutting-edge design with functional luxury, offering a unique and stylish retreat in the heart of the city.

Sunset Homes 61
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