Hillhurst 1

Hillhurst - Project Harmony

Private Residence

Project Harmony is a tantalizing transitional single home. It has a 2,409 square feet above the ground, plus an 832 square feet basement which includes a martial arts dojo.

As the open concept was one of the main goals for this custom home, the main storey was designed to have as fewer walls as possible to maximize the use of space, and with plenty of windows to allow for natural light.

This custom home design includes an attached front garage and all the structural columns in this home are made of steel lots of metal for an industrial look.

French Country Front

French Country 

Private Residence

French Country is airy elegance; defined by a mix of rustic and refined decor. Natural stones, wood and soft colour palettes are used throughout this home. 



Hillhurst - The 6Plex The 6Plex will be divided into six separate residential units located in the lovely community of Hillhurst. Units 1 & 2 will be 809 sq ft and units 3-6 will be 899 sq ft. Each unit will feature two bedrooms, a kitchen, living space, full bathroom and half-bath.