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Make it Custom. 
Make it Yours. 

Perhaps you need more space. Maybe you want a complete style overhaul. Regardless of what's driving your desire for change, Sunset Homes is committed to delivering the ultimate home transformation. 

Major renovations involve extensive upgrades to your current property.

This requires a significant investment in time and money—not to mention the upheaval it may cause for you and your family. At Sunset Homes, we keep all of this in mind by sticking to strict project timelines and budgets. But, most importantly, we take the time to build a home that reflects your innermost desires while valuing your input and wishes along the way. 

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Your Source for Luxury Home Renovations in Calgary

We don't only work on new construction. Sunset Homes also offers major renovations on existing properties.

We use the same eco-conscious techniques and meticulous attention to detail in your major renovation that we use on our custom homes.

The scope of our renovation capabilities varies depending on your project, property, and needs, so contact us to learn more about how we can best utilize our resources for you!

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The Sunset Experience 

The Sunset Experience is our one-of-a-kind building process that's completely client-centred. From our initial meeting to your move-in date, we keep you involved in every decision, selection and project update. 
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Project Launch

Your full home renovations will start with an initial meeting, in which our team will go over our design & build process as well as your overall vision. During this time, you'll meet the team, share your thoughts and see how everything you've dreamed of will come to fruition. 
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During pre-construction, we'll apply for and obtain the municipal permits you'll need to alter your home. We'll also perform energy modelling services to ensure your home upgrades do more for you, your wallet and the environment. 
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Construction is the most exciting stage of the Sunset Experience. During this step, your home renovation dreams will finally become a physical reality, and you'll be free to check in at every stage with our online portal.  
Work with Sunset Homes today to create the ideal living space you've always envisioned. 
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High-End Renovations Designed with Intention

Sunset Homes is dedicated to providing quality custom homes that tick every box on your wishlist. No matter your taste, style or needs, our team will work with you to design the perfect home additions and upgrades that reflect your unique personality. 

From the planning stages to your finished product, Sunset Homes will work closely with you to design a sustainable, functional and beautiful home that you thought was only possible in your dreams. Incorporating superior craftsmanship, eco-conscious materials and timeless design details, our team will deliver a new and improved home that you'll want to cherish forever.  

Custom Additions 

Living & Dining

Get Started on Your 
Home Renovation Project Today!

If you're looking for the ultimate upgrade, you've come to the right place. Whole home renovations are one of our specialties, and we're excited to make your dream home become a reality. Contact Sunset Homes today to start planning your exciting new renovation project.  
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