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Custom Home Builder Tips

  • 3 Tips for choosing your Custom Home Builder: Communications and Customer Service

    Custom Home Builder Tips


    3 Tips for choosing your Custom Home Builder: Communications and Customer Service

    Having effective communication and quality customer service is a key factor in building or renovating dream homes successfully. As Calgary Custom Home Builders and Major Renovations experts, we know that the building and renovation process can turn out stressful and difficult to handle for homeowners.

    Select a Home Builder that Cares about Customer Service

    The first indication that your home builder offers quality customer service is that they take their time to listen to you and can answer all your questions. But an effective way to ensure that you will have excellent customer service along the way is to interview past clients. Select a builder that guides you and provides you with enough information to make your decisions.

    As professional builders in Calgary, we have experienced that when communication lines are well established with our homeowners, projects succeed and become less stressful allowing our home owners to enjoy every step of the process. If you wonder about steps in pre-construction, design, and construction check out our tips every week.

    Communicating with your custom home builder

    Usually, in every step of the building process, you will have a meeting with your custom home builder to explain your ideas for your home's design, your preferences for interior and exterior materials, and you will be able to select every item in your custom home. Choose a professional home builder that is open to listening to your ideas, and asks you to provide visual examples as well.

    At Sunset Homes, we suggest our homeowners use resources such as Houzz, Pinterest, images, photos or drawings, as well as creating a wish list, when planning their custom homes and even when organizing their ideas for any small or major renovation. Learn more about what to include in your wish list to enhance your home builder's understanding of your vision.

    Starting our communications using all said resources have provided less chance for misunderstandings in our projects. Also, in the same way, that you provide all these details, select a custom home builder that follows up with you with design options in writing, schedule construction times and a detailed budget. 

    Seek a transparent and organized builder

    When custom building having a skilled builder is important, nevertheless, choosing an organized builder with excellent planning skills is key. If you are about to build you will need to know details about your home's progress in every phase of your building project. You will also need to plan your living arrangements during construction, moving into your new home, and furnishing your home.

    On the other hand, if your project is a renovation and you will be still living at home, you will need to account for any extra measures you need to take such as installing a temporary kitchen depending on the extent of your renovation.

    At Sunset Homes, Calgary's bespoke home builder, we organize our projects using an online software that allows you to follow your project online in real time, check any selections made and communicate with us. On the one hand, being able to use this online tool from your phone, tablet or computer is convenient if you have a full work schedule, will be out of town occasionally, or decide to build from another city or country. In addition to this online tool, we meet with our homeowners in every major step of their projects and try to keep all communication lines open. 

    Are you ready to build a custom home with us? Contact Sunset Homes today; we will gladly prepare a free quote and give you more information about our custom luxury homes and major renovations.

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    When looking for a professional custom home builder make sure to select one that can offer you effective communication and quality customer service. Being able to listen to your ideas, manage your projects details and schedule in an organized and transparent way. 

  • Calgary Custom Home Builder Tips for your Ideal Home Office

    Calgary Custom Home Builder Tips For Your Ideal Home Office Sunset Homes


    Calgary Custom Home Builder Tips for your Ideal Home Office

    If you are planning to build your new dream home and you are making your wish list, you might consider including something you have always wanted, such as a dream home office. One that has been set up and designed by you and for you. However, if you find that you don't know where to begin or how to plan your new dream home office, check out these three custom home builder tips for setting up the best office space in your new home. 

    Location for your Custom Home Office

    Have you heard the phrase “location is key”? It applies to your home location, and it also refers significantly to how you set up your home office in your Calgary custom home. The location of your ideal home office should be somewhere that is accessible, private, peaceful, and secure. Also, to ensure your comfort and to maximize the functionality of the room, several conditions must be ideal, such as humidity, space, free flow of air, and temperature. It is important to set both mental and physical boundaries for your home office to allow you to function optimally. Our first custom home builder tip is to place the office where you would be relaxed and motivated to work, preferably a place with an inspiring view.

    Lighting and Colour Tips for Calgary Custom Homes

    Your home office does not have to be bland and boring because it is an office. On the contrary, you can choose to infuse the place with light and life, ensuring it blends beautifully with the rest of your home and makes you happy to be in it. Lighting plays a significant role in ensuring that your home office looks comfortable and inspiring. The colours you choose also make a significant impact; both on your home design and your mood, which help you add personality to any room, including your home office. An excellent combination for your home office is wood and white. Choose wooden furniture, accent pieces, and features like exposed beams and wooden trim. Combined with different shades of white on the carpet, walls, and ceiling will give your home office an elegant look without being loud.

    Sunset Homes Dream Home Office

    The Best Furniture and Items for your Dream Home Office

    When setting up your dream home office, you need furniture and equipment suitable for it. Our main suggestion is not sacrificing form for function; obtain furniture and equipment that would be both functional and beautiful, and when setting up the home office ensure that your furniture and equipment are accessible to create workflow. Discuss with your builder your home office needs, to consider if you would prefer a built-in desk or any other piece of furniture.

    Ready to bring your dream home office and custom home to life? Contact Sunset Homes, Calgary’s bespoke home builder, and learn more about building your inner-city dream home! We will gladly prepare a free quote and give you more information about our custom luxury homes and major renovations.
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    When building your new custom home in Calgary consider including your dream home office in a comfortable and peaceful location, play with lighting and colours to create your ideal style, and talk to your custom home builder about the furniture you would like to include in it. 

  • Custom Home Builder Tips for a great Master Bedroom

    Custom Home Builder Tips For A Great Master Bedroom


    Custom Home Builder Tips for a great Master Bedroom

    The master bedroom is one of the most important places in your custom home. It is considered the perfect place at home to relax, your private sanctuary. Depending on your ideal style, you can make it the most luxurious room at home, the most spacious, and the perfect environment to provide you with a space to retreat and get inspired. At Sunset Homes, Calgary’s bespoke home builder, we know that one of the most popular home renovations along with the kitchen and the basement is the master bedroom.

    If you are considering a renovation, addition or just planning your new custom home, check out these custom home builder tips we have prepared for you to plan and design your ideal master bedroom.

    Your custom home floor plan

    Your floor plan design is related to your ideal master bedroom. As experienced builders in Calgary, we recommend choosing a simple and functional design that allows smart use of your space and at the same time integrates all your needs and wishes. A simple layout will help you save on space, allowing you to dedicate space to your bathroom, closets, and your master bedroom. Ask your custom home builder and designer for the best way to manage space, also looking at the view you master bedroom may have while allowing you to keep your privacy. 

    When choosing the best place to have your master bedroom at home, keep in mind that you probably want to be as far from any noise as possible. Therefore, try to avoid placing your master bedroom near your garage or facing traffic.

    Custom Home Building is all about you

    Personalizing your home to your wishes and needs is the best part of custom home building. For your custom home interior design, lighting and colour are an integral part. Take as much natural light as you can from windows and add a central pendant to accent your master bedroom’s vibe. Additionally, having task lamps on your nightstands or even as built-ins are an excellent lighting option for reading and relaxing. Check more useful lighting tips for your inner city home.

    Additionally, you can achieve a calming environment by adding a soft colour palette or a relaxing colour such as white. A significant advantage of choosing white for your walls is that you can accentuate your style with other items without affecting your mood.

    Ready for a custom build? Contact Sunset Homes, Calgary’s bespoke home builder, and learn more about building your inner-city dream home! We will gladly prepare a free quote and give you more information about our custom luxury homes and major renovations.
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    Discuss your master bedroom layout with your custom home builder to make the best use of the available space. Add plenty of natural light to your design and choose wisely your lighting for accentuating your master bedroom's vibe.

  • Mobility and Access: Planning and Building Your Forever Home

    Custom Home Builders Calgary

    Mobility and Access: Planning and Building Your Forever Home

    Forever is a long time, so when it comes to planning and building your forever home, there’s lots to think about and not just in the immediate future. Customizing your home to your needs is important, and adjusting it so it works for you now, as well as in the future, is equally essential.  

    As we age, we naturally lose some of our mobility. While getting older is something you might not want to think about right now, it is important, particularly if you are planning your forever home. That said, your future self will thank you later on. There may come a time when simple tasks such as climbing the stairs or even going up steps in and out of our homes can become a huge task. Your home should be planned to factor in modifications such as the installation of lifts, shower bars, and wheelchair ramps as well as wider doorways and halls. If you or your partner ever end up in a wheelchair, it’s important that you can navigate around your home safely and easily. When there are larger doorways, halls, and rooms you will be able to move around your home with much less effort. So how do you make your home accessible?

    Alongside working with Calgary custom home builders and a team of specialists, there are certain things that you can do to make mobility less of an issue.

    Access to Your Home

    Accessibility around your home is important. When it comes to accessing your home, you need to consider:

    • Parking – Will there be enough space on the driveway to safely exit the car if you have a mobility aid or wheelchair? For wheelchair users, there should be approximately 1200mm either side and behind the parking area. If the driveway is sloped it will be more difficult, so care will need to be taken, and adaptations made, to accommodate any ramps.
    • Surfaces – Paths and surfaces on the lead up to your home should be level or have a gentle slope. They should be easy to maintain and built from materials that do not attract algae or moss, which can become slippery when wet. Gravel drives or paths should be avoided because this can make the use of walking frames, sticks or wheelchairs much more difficult.
    • Steps – If there are steps leading up to your home, you might benefit from handrails or a grab rail on either side of your front door. Make sure that your builder installs the steps, so they are easy to manage and an even height and depth to make it easier and safer to use.

    What To Consider in Each Room

    Each room will present its own unique challenges in terms of mobility, with the kitchen and bathroom being the two rooms that will need the most attention.

    • Mobility in the Kitchen Kitchens must be designed so they accommodate people with mobility issues such as placing a small bistro table in the kitchen or using a fold-down table. Another useful change could be making the sink accessible from a seated position with adequate leg space underneath. The stove will also need some careful consideration too, with controls to the front of the appliance so the user doesn’t have to reach over. Cupboards that store heavy equipment and canned foods should be low to enable easier access.
    • Mobility in the Bathroom – Poorly designed bathrooms from a mobility perspective are not only problematic but potentially dangerous too. Walk-in showers or baths are great additions. You may even want your Calgary custom home builder to install a wet room.
    • Flooring – The floor in every room must be even and be careful about the placement of rugs which can cause tripping hazards. Low pile carpets where used are preferable.
    • Staircases and elevator – The staircase should be wide enough to accommodate a stairlift if one is needed. And considering an elevator for future use, and being able to access every storey of your home without leaving your wheelchair or walker behind. 
    • Making Your Garden AccessibleThe garden is often overlooked but it too can present problems from a mobility perspective if it is not properly designed. Make use of paving to increase accessibility and make sure that pathways are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and scooters as well as walking aids. If you have an exposed staircase outdoors, a stairlift may be an option. Outdoor stairlifts are waterproof and weatherproof, making them a much safer solution than trying to navigate up and down an outdoor staircase.

    Other Items to Consider For Your Forever Home

    With a little creativity, and a good idea of mobility issues, you can create a home that is not only a great fit for your requirements now, but long into the future. So, what other things besides those outlined above should you consider?

    • Automatic doors – Mobility can affect so many different things including the use of keys. If you lose your grip it can be very difficult to turn a key in a lock. This is where automatic, power-assisted doors can be particularly useful.
    • Intercom system – If you have mobility issues it may take you a while to get to the front door and that’s where you may benefit from an intercom system. It also increases safety too. Some models will have video links to the front door so you can see who is there before letting them in.
    • Ramps – For those using a wheelchair, ramps can be a great way to boost mobility. Threshold ramps can make moving through doorways much easier.
    • Radiators and fitted units – Make sure that the installation of radiators or fitted cupboards won’t make a corridor too narrow that can restrict access.
    • Storage space – Think about the storage in your home for equipment such as walking frames, wheelchairs and other mobility aids. You may also need charging points for wheelchairs if they are battery-powered or electrical. Additional space will also be needed for an extra chair to use as a backup if your main wheelchair breaks.
    • Accessible shelving – For storing mobility accessories such as chargers.

    Planning your forever home involves so many different considerations. Choose your Calgary custom home builder with care and you do your research; you will be able to find an experienced contractor who you can explain your requirements to and with their expertise they will be able to develop a forever home that includes a variety of features to build a practical home that is not only suitable now but for many years to come.

    Ready to design and build your forever home in Calgary? Contact Sunset Homes today!  We would love to learn more about your custom project and prepare a class 3 summary budget for you.

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    There are many items you can add to forever home to customize it to your future needs. From an elevator to home automation to make your custom home fully age proof! 

  • Solar Energy for your Calgary Custom Home


    Solar Energy for your Calgary Custom Home

    One of the many features you can add to your Calgary custom home with Sunset Homes, Calgary’s inner-city builder, is to include solar panels or solar shingles to your new home. The most common questions homeowners have regarding solar panels are if they are worth the investment if they can keep adding solar panels in the future and the overall benefit.