What Makes Our High End Homes Different from Other Custom Home Builders?

Published January 7, 2014.
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Custom Home BuilderAre you looking for high end homes in Calgary? You should take a look at our infill housing projects (existing and planned) located in the upscale neighborhoods of the city, such as Briar Hills, Hounsfield Heights and Hillhurst. As specialists in Calgary infills, we know exactly how to turn an underutilized piece of land in a built-up area of the inner city into a gorgeous living space that will be the envy of your neighbors and relatives.

Our infill homes are better than those built by other custom home builders because we do not just focus on creating an attractive outward appearance, but also on using the highest quality materials available, maximizing the available living space and conforming to the highest environmental standards. All our infill homes are LEEDTM-NC certified, which means that they are sustainable and highly conducive to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Because an infill home is built in an already built-up area in inner city, it has access to all the amenities within walking distance or a short drive. For our infill high end homes, we carefully choose a location based on its proximity to (but not so close as to disturb your peace of mind) schools, shopping centers, and urban parks. Being located in upmarket neighborhoods of the city, they come with affluent neighbors and beautiful scenery all around.

Here are some of the qualities that distinguish our infill homes from those of other builders:

• Better site selection: We do not have a 'let's-get-it-over-with' approach to site selection. We select each site after conducting thorough research on the background of the neighborhood, the kind of people who live there, historical and current crime rate, proximity to amenities including public transportation and ease of access.

• Sustainable design: All our infill homes in Calgary either meet or exceed the Gold Level Rating of the LEEDTM New Construction (NC) Rating System. LEEDTM-NC is the industry-recognized voluntary building standard that defines high performance in the construction of sustainable buildings. The ratings are based on site selection and development, use of sustainable building materials, use of water and energy, quality of indoor environment, waste water management and innovation in design and construction technologies.

• A variety of designs and styles: Our high end infill homes come in a variety of styles to suit your taste. While duplexes and fourplexes are available for investment, deluxe single family homes are available for living in luxury and style. Contrary to common belief, infill homes are not only small building sandwiched between to existing buildings. Depending upon the land area available, they can be standard-sized or even large buildings complete with all the modern amenities.

• Upgrades are standard: Our infill homes can be upgraded to match your evolving lifestyle and to increase the value of your home. Any time during the design phase of your infill building process, we will give your home the upgrades you want. With us, upgrades are standard practice.

Our infill high end homes are much sought after by homebuyers as well as investors in Calgary. You can live in them, rent them out or sell them. Whatever you choose to do, you will get excellent value for your money. If you are hoping to make a lot of money quickly in real estate, then our infill homes provide the most lucrative vehicle as the demand for infill homes in inner city is very high and prices are going up every year.

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