Three Interesting Ideas for Your New Custom Home

Published September 18, 2017.
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Custom home building means having unique characteristics and items in your new home all adapted to your wishes and needs. As Calgary home builders, we know that there are many things to consider when deciding for a custom build, and a key starting point is creating a wish list that organizes everything that your new home must have. You can learn all about it in our article What to Include in your Wish List before Meeting your Home Builder. When preparing your wish list for your new infill home, consider all the items that you can add to make it more efficient, healthier, and more comfortable. Check out these ideas to take your custom dream home in Calgary to the next level.

Special Rooms for Your Dream Home

Adding special rooms to your custom home design is one of the main advantages of custom building. There are many room options to add to your home, think about your lifestyle and family needs and adapt your home to that. For example, having a home office can be the perfect solution for entrepreneurs. Adding a toy room is an excellent option for a family with kids. And having a basement suite can become a great rental option or the place to receive your guests. You can also consider having a home gym, a wine cellar, a little reading nook, a game room for the whole family, or a mudroom.

Add Luxury and Comfort to your Modern Home

Include heated floors for your bathroom and other areas in your modern custom home and be prepared for the cold days of winter. This luxurious item is an excellent way to add resale value and comfort to your custom home. Having an in-floor heating system for your custom home bathrooms has become one of the favorite items for renovations and new homes. This feature can be added to any room in your house according to your needs. There are different options for your in-floor heating system; you can choose an electric radiant heat or hydronic heating. Ask your custom home builder which option would be better for your home. For example, if you have selected ceramic tile for your bathroom, then an electric radiant heat becomes the best choice.

Get your Custom Home to be More Efficient

At Sunset Homes, Calgary’s bespoke home builder, we care about Green Building and having a sustainable lifestyle.When planning your custom home, consider adding water saving devices. You can reduce water consumption and save on your bill as well. There are many options to add to your home, such as low-flow showerheads, recirculation systems and water aerators for your faucets, shower timers, and dual flush toilets. Ask your custom home builder for advice on all the small additions and selections you can include to make your dream home a more efficient place.

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Adding special rooms to your new custom home that adapt to your family's lifestyle and needs is one of the advantages of custom home building. Add luxury and comfort to your home by including heated bathroom floors, and make your home more efficient by including water saving devices.

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