Tackling the Permit Process: Navigating the Steps to Building Your Custom Acreage Home

Published July 1, 2023.
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Embarking on the journey of building a custom acreage home around Calgary is an exciting venture. A pivotal part of this journey includes securing necessary permits and approvals, from counties such as Rocky View County, Mountain View County, Foothills County depending on your land's location. However, partnering with a custom home builder can significantly streamline this process. In this blog, we will explain the permit process, highlight the benefits of working with your custom home builder, and illustrate how this partnership can lead to the successful construction of your dream home.

Understanding the Permitting Process

Building your dream custom acreage home will involve a building permit and in some instances a development permit, this will depend on the numbers of existing dwellings in your land, the scope of the project and the specific county. The building permit ensures your construction plans adhere to local building codes and safety standards.

Why a Working with Sunset Homes as your Custom Home Builder is Beneficial

Working with Sunset can greatly simplify the process. As your Custom home builders, we come equipped with experience and knowledge of local regulations, enabling us to guide you through the intricate web of permits and approvals. We can help develop compliant site plans and construction drawings, identify potential conflicts with the plans, and ensure all necessary documentation is submitted during the permit application process.

Taking the Leap: Preparing and Submitting Your Permit Applications

At Sunset Homes, we will coordinate every step of the way on your behalf. This involves completing application forms, providing required documents like site plans, construction drawings, coordinating all involved stakeholders, obtaining any required engineering reports, paying any applicable fees, and submitting your applications to the appropriate local authorities.

Navigating Feedback and Obtaining Approvals

After your permit applications have been submitted, local authorities will review your plans and provide feedback. This might include requests for additional information or revisions to your plans, site inspections to ensure compliance with zoning and land-use regulations, and finally, issuing permits or approvals once all requirements have been met. Sunset Homes as your custom home builder will help you navigate this stage, maintaining open communication with authorities and addressing any feedback.

In Conclusion

Taking on the permit and approval process is a critical step in building your custom acreage home in or around Calgary. By understanding the process, working with a knowledgeable custom home builder like Sunset Homes, and promptly addressing feedback, you can successfully navigate the permit process and watch as your dream acreage home takes shape.

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