How to use Lighting Systems and Natural Light to Bring Balance to Your Home

Published May 27, 2014.
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How to use Lighting Systems and Natural Light to bring Balance to Your Home

The lighting layout for your home while building your new inner city custom home with Sunset Homes will have a large impact on the overall ambiance of your home. With the help of decorating professionals, Sunset Homes will guide you through the entire process of enhancing the natural light available in your new custom home. Lighting is essential for aesthetics, ambiance, productivity, and just seeing better.

Below you will find some tips on how to make your home comfortable and bright by asking yourself a few questions.

What are your lightings goals?
For each desired space, determine what your lighting goals are. If you are in the kitchen and looking for more task lighting, having pendant and pocket lights will help brighten up the area during meal preparation and with a dimmer feature you would be able to set the mood for the rest of the evening. During the day, having a large area window located near your cabinetry will let in natural light to brighten up the space.

Will exterior lights increase home security?
The exterior of your new inner city custom home should always have lighting- walkways, porches, sidewalks, back alley, etc. The lack of lighting may invite unwanted intruders into your new property. However, excessively bright lighting can become costly while causing disruption to your neighbors. The installation of floor lights on your new custom home can help reduce intruders from coming close to the home while alerting home owners of approaching company. Choosing the right exterior lighting (within your neighborhoods lighting restrictions) can help keep your home safe while keeping the cost low.

What is the acceptable number of light sources for a space?
There is no limit to the number of light sources you would like to have in a given space in your new infill custom home. Multiple light sources can be used in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms to achieve a variety of functions and facilitate activities. Having a reflective surface like a mirror can also open up the area and make it feel more spacious. By choosing a functional design that will not over-power the living space, lighting can enhance the warmth and relaxation within the home.

Is recessed lighting right for my space?
Metal recessed lighting, also known as “Can” lighting where the lighting fixture fits inside the ceiling. These fixtures are subtle, directional, and can be connected to dimmer switches to give a range of light from subtly dim to full brightness to illuminate an entire room. Most recessed lighting you will see on the exterior walls of the room which will also help make your ceilings look higher without having to build 13’ walls.

Feel free to contact us today for any infill building questions.

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