How Does Alberta's New Home Warranty Work?

Published February 25, 2014.
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How Does Alberta's New Home Warranty Work

How Does Alberta's New Home Warranty Work?

One of the advantages of building your new custom home in Calgary is that you are lucky to benefit from the Alberta New Home Warranty Program.  The custom home building process entails designing a home that is tailored to your needs and specifications, getting the plans approved, and building it accordingly. And having you home protected with a warranty program is essential to your process.

The very first step is to check in with your builder to confirm that they are a member of the program. Once that is settled, it is essential to understand the basics of Alberta’s new home warranty so that you know what to expect.

The Alberta New Home Warranty Program is a private, non-profit company that supports and protects new homebuyers in Alberta through a full range of coverage options. The coverage builds upon the warranty typically provided by homebuilders, which ensures that homebuyers benefit from financial protection through the building process.

Alberta’s New Home Warranty Program recognizes the contractual and long term relationships between homebuilders and homebuyers and gets involved in a problem only after the homeowner has attempted to resolve the issues with the builder first. If the homeowner asks for assistance, the Program has a complex resolution process that involves mediation, arbitration, and conciliation procedures. However, the Alberta New Home Warranty Program does not deal with contractual issues.

In addition to the resolution process, the program also serves as an educational resource for new homebuyers. It is also important to understand what the new home warranty program covers in Alberta. Here are some details about specific coverage for single-family homes:

  • 1-Year coverage for defects in materials and labour.
  • 2-Year coverage for delivery and distribution systems such as heating, electrical, plumbing.
  • 5-Year coverage for building envelope
  • 10-Year coverage for structural/load-bearing parts of the home

Once your home is completed and your home warranty starts the main reference to resolve any deficiency in your home is the Construction Performance Guide for New Home Warranty in Alberta.

Ready to start planning your dream custom home? Get in touch with us! In our initial consultation, we will prepare a class 3 budget and go over all the details for your custom home.

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